“At first I was really homesick but then as you get used to everything, you get into it. And then you realize how much you value the school. Yes, after your second year, you just realize that this is also your home.

Here, it’s really different. The friends that I’ve made here are very different from the ones back home, because basically everyone here prioritizes work. Which I think is a good thing. Students here are curious, generally hardworking, creative definitely, quirky and intelligent. They encourage you to do your work and they know how to manage their time to have fun or to do work.

Here, I don’t think people look down upon other people who have different beliefs. Outside of Simon’s Rock, there are still a lot of issues going on about cultural and religious differences. I think it’s important for us to spread this idea that we have to solve our own conflicts.

I want to work either in the government or in a financial institution—or something like that—because I want to major in econ, yes. I took macroeconomics in my first semester and then I just loved it for some kind of reasons. My dad, he had a bachelor in economics, but it doesn’t have any effect on me. It’s just after I took the class I just realized economics is interesting.”

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