“I like being able to take classes that I want to take. That’s definitely my favorite thing. And also the lively discussions that you get with other students in the dining hall over dinner, discussing the platonic form of whatever cake is being served that day! It’s just so much fun

My favorite class is Philosophy of Religion, which is the first full Philosophy course I’ve taken. I just really felt like I kind of clicked with the subject. I met a whole bunch of new people that had really similar interests to me. People I wouldn’t have as much opportunity to meet if I hadn’t taken it, like upper classmen.

Last semester I was involved in Model UN and I went to the U. Penn conference. And I in the Slam Poetry Club, and the Philosophy Club which was started up by a friend of mine. We just get together and discuss philosophy, as well as the Slam Poetry Club.

There’s pretty much a club for everything that you could imagine, and they’re great! It’s not like the clubs I found in high school where it was led by a teacher and the students have very little input. It’s very much like a community within the clubs where everyone has a voice—everyone has an impact on what happens within the club.”

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