“I was working at the Global Justice Center in New York City and I ended up meeting a Simon’s Rock senior. She was interning there through the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program. We became good friends and she invited me to visit her at Simon’s Rock.

The first time I came to campus was during Labor Day weekend. I went to classes and hung out with students. I liked it so much I ended up visiting again. And then again during my spring break. I spent a whole year applying to the College. I interviewed several times. I loved Simon’s Rock so much, I kept coming back.

It’s funny because I really liked high school. It wasn’t difficult for me and I had some good friends who I still hang out with. When I go home, I visit my high school. I even got my diploma. Some people come here because they weren’t satisfied in high school, but I came here because I love Simon’s Rock.”

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Why Leave High School Early?

Where are they now? Febianna has a double concentration in Art History and Latin American Studies. In addition to organizing a Diversity Day workshop on the history of race in Mexico, she’s involved in the Latino Student Alliance and works multiple jobs on campus.