“I’m a first-generation American. My parents migrated here from China for school. They told the story to me all the time, they told the story to other people, I tell the story to other people. They both grew up very poor and ultimately my dad, he got his PhD from MIT. My mom got her Master’s from Tufts. They came here for education. Just their struggle, up to this point, they’ve chased the American dream and they really have achieved it. It’s really inspiring to me. That is an anecdote that guides me really.

I’m a physics major. I love the material being presented. Physics keeps me up at night.

Another very memorable class is First-Year Seminar. That was probably the best humanities class in my life. I made myself think seminar was going to be a huge pain in the butt: ‘I’m not a humanities major. Why am I taking this?’ When I came to class, the discussions, even the small lectures, and the feedback on our papers, not only led me to develop as a writer, or as a reader, or as a critical thinker, but really as just a student in general, as a lifelong student.

Third, is flamenco dance. I started this year. It’s a prime example of Simon’s Rock giving you an opportunity to explore your interest, interests that you didn’t even know that you had.

Something that you don’t know until you come here, I talk about this with my friends all the time, it’s just how much there is to learn—not only with regard to books and school, but with other people and with yourself. You might be in high school. You might be saying, ‘Oh, I know everything. Mom, Dad, I’m ready to go to college.’ You’re here at Simon’s Rock then all of a sudden you have these mental pins going in your head. You realize there are a lot of things about me that I don’t quite know. Simon’s Rock is not only is a good place for you to find answers to those questions, but also a place that gives you new questions.”

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