Campus life... so this past week we had, let's see—in the Student Union yesterday, we had the Vagina Monologues, which—it's a very heavy, rocky subject. The monologues themselves range from very funny and happy stories to ones that are very much not so. It's generally an uncomfortable subject for people to talk about, but it was successful. It was a great experience and they packed the house. They had to turn people away to come back the next day.

Then, a few hours later the BSU—the Black Student Union—hosted Wheel of Fortune, Black History Month style, I believe. I heard that too was very successful. All the while, next door, the snack bar was open, with people walking in and out. Then my a capella group was rehearsing at the same time. There's always something going on.

I'm the Treasurer of Community Council. Community Council manages the funds for a lot of—for all of the campus clubs, almost all of them. It's somewhat of a boardroom setting and we're supposed to act as a conduit between the student body and administration, student life and otherwise. We also act as the activities funding board and have to decide, ‘Okay, who are we funding and who aren't we funding?’ It's difficult to say, ‘what is a superfluous event and what is a really good project?’

I'll routinely send out listserv emails saying: ‘This is how much we've approved, here's how much we theoretically have left, here's major budget requests we know are coming down the line from either yearbook or from Model UN. If you are a club, you should probably get in on these dates.’”

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