“I’m a junior and, when I was a sophomore, I actually thought about transferring. I had started applying to different art schools, but last semester I started to notice all the things I liked about Simon’s Rock, things that would probably be very different anywhere else I went. I realized I would miss the scale of the College, and the type of people who come here, and the conversations, the caliber of conversation that surrounded us.

I could have gone to a big art school but I really like working with Ben (Krupka), the ceramics professor. I like the setting and the studios, too. We have a ton of wheels and all the kilns I could want to work with: two electric kilns, two gas kilns, a wood kiln and smaller test kilns.

A lot of juniors go abroad or go somewhere off campus to study for a year. I considered it but I decided to stay on campus instead. I really like being here. It seems like if I were going to go to another country to study I wouldn’t want to use one of my Simon’s Rock years to do it. I only get to be here for four years, why waste one?”

My Work:
Peter Whitesell's Ceramics

Where are they now? Peter’s Senior Thesis involved the design and fabrication of a modular piece of sculptural seating that will be installed in the lobby of the Daniel Arts Center. View images of the design. After graduating, he and another Simon’s Rocker, Jeb Moore, began developing Graphthought, a graphical communication interface which was the subject of Moore’s thesis.