“You have to be an individual first. It doesn’t matter which country, which state, you come from, which language you speak, what your sexual or political orientations are. You have to be of a certain bent of mind, constantly wanting to explore, never ever satisfied with what other people might say is your best work. Just wanting to know a bit more, for yourself, not just for knowledge but just because it is there. People will respect you for what you have to say, they will accept you, encourage you to develop your thoughts.

I love writing and writing is one of my major passions. That combined with an interest in philosophy. I intend to major in prelaw with creative writing.

This semester I’ve taken a really challenging but beautiful, beautiful political science course which is more work than I’ve ever known but which was amazing. After coming to Simon’s Rock I have really begun to love the German language, so I intend to stay with it for two or three years, spend a year or two in Berlin, and after ten years, I can see myself in law school trying to educate myself about the political and social necessities of this world.”

My Work:
Letter to Francis Bacon, artist and aesthete