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Spanish and Latin American Studies

Along with their study of Spanish language, students in this concentration also study the literature, culture, history, and politics of Spain and of Latin America. In conjunction with another concentration or group of complementary courses, the Spanish and Latin American studies concentration can help prepare students for graduate study or careers in a variety of areas, including international relations, journalism, political science, history, comparative literature, and foreign service.


The Spanish and Latin American studies concentration requires a minimum of 24 credits. Students must take at least 12 credits of courses taught in Spanish at the 206-level or higher, including two courses (or at least eight credits) at the 300-level. Students must also take the core course, Intercultural Studies 312 Latin America, and at least eight additional credits in courses designed to help students broaden their knowledge of historical, cultural, and political contexts relevant to their study of Spanish, Spain, or Latin America. Students choose these electives in consultation with their Moderation Committee from such disciplines as anthropology, geography, history, political science, sociology, literature, art, and music. Students might pursue a second foreign language or linguistics, while those interested in politics and the arts might take additional courses to broaden their theoretical perspective on Spanish and Latin American cultures. Students selecting this concentration are encouraged to spend one or both semesters of their junior year in an approved program of study in either Spain or one of the countries of Latin America.

Several students in recent years have traveled to Argentina to study at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, with which Simon’s Rock has an ongoing relationship.

Core Course

Intercultural Studies 312 CP Latin America


Anthropology 202 CP Language and Culture
Art History 102 Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to Postmodern
Art History 211 Picasso’s Art: Erotics and Politics
Economics 101 Macroeconomics
Environmental Studies 205 Human Geography of Nature Conservation and Protected Area Management
Geography 316 Projects in Political Ecology
Intercultural Studies 313 CP Liberation Theology and Latin America
Literature 270 CP Latin American Women Writing Resistance
Literature 279 CP Virtual Communities: Storytelling in the Americas
Spanish 211 20th-Century Latin American Short Story
Spanish 212 CP Latin American Novellas: Love and Other Demons
Spanish 213 CP Passion, Trickery, and Revenge: Latin American Detective Novels
Spanish 214 CP Latin America Today
Spanish 219/319 Spanish Pronunciation and Conversation
Spanish 326 Periphery to Center: Prostitution in Hispanic Literature

Recent Senior Theses

“Hearts in Conflict: Three Women in El Salvador’s Uncivil War”
“Revolutionary Change Within the Indian
Community of Guatemala”
“Cronica de una Familia Emigrante”
“And Sandi Liked Clarice: Three Readings of Fictional Works by Clarice Lispector”
“La Reforma Universitaria: The Student Revolution of 1918 in Cordoba, Argentina”
“The Origins of Peronism”
“Analyzing Experience: Women’s Status Among the Mapuche”
“The Life and Work of Silvina Ocampo”
“Selected Photographs of Graciela Iturbide and Luis Gonzalez Palma: Constructions of Women from Contemporary Latin America”
“‘Aparación con vida’/‘Appearance with life’: A Revolutionary Movement in Contemporary Democracy”


Asma Abbas, Chris Coggins, Joan DelPlato, Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Mileta Roe, Nancy Yanoshak
Faculty Contact: Mileta Roe