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Academic Divisions

The academic program at Simon’s Rock is the intellectual embodiment of our mission. It combines a substantial and coherent required core curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences with extensive opportunities for students to pursue their own interests and talents through advanced courses and independent study. The curriculum is organized into four academic divisions as well as interdivisional studies.

General Education

General Education

The core curriculum requirements include three general education seminars. All students take First-Year Seminar in the... | more | 
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Division of the Arts

The Arts Division is dedicated to serving our students by advocating an active role for the arts in society. The... | more | 
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Division of Languages and Literature

The Division of Languages and Literature encompasses the study and appreciation of a number of foreign languages... | more | 
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Division of Science, Mathematics and Computing

The science program teaches the scientific method, the approaches the sciences take to inquiry, and the fundamental... | more | 

Division of Social Studies

The Social Studies Division offers a wide range of courses in the social sciences and cultural studies, listed here by... | more | 
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Interdivisional Studies

The courses listed in this section are designed to cut across traditional divisional boundaries. African-American and... | more |