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Accelerated Beginning Arabic I/Accelerated Beginning Arabic II
Arabic 100–101 CP Asfar
4 credits
This accelerated course introduces the rudiments of written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic. In addition to regular practice in writing the alphabet, word formation, elementary calligraphy, and basic grammar, the course offers exercises in phonology, morphology, and syntax. By the second semester, students can read and understand a variety of Arabic texts about customs and institutions of the Middle East. The course also explores selected topics on Arab culture and civilization, such as the role of classical Arabic in Muslim art and architecture and the connections between the Arabic language and Islam. No prerequisites.
This sequence is offered every year.
Modern Arabic Prose, Poetry, and Politics
Arabic 204 CP Asfar
3 credits
This course features reading, the study of grammar and syntax, literary analysis, translation, and discussion of selections of modern Arabic prose and poetry by authors from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. The course will also include reading and discussion of essays and articles in English, from a wide variety of sources, which offer perspectives on the Arab world in its relations with the West, and on the social, cultural, and political implications of U.S. involvement in countries of the Middle East. In addition to a thorough review of Modern Standard Arabic grammar, the course will include written and oral assignments based on the readings, and will culminate in a dossier, prepared by each student, which includes translations, analysis of grammar and syntax, and an essay on topics drawn from the readings. Prerequisite: Arabic 101 CP or permission of the instructor.
Last taught F09.
Intermediate Arabic I
Arabic 205m CP Asfar
2 credits
In this seven-week module, the primary goal will be to improve skills in the use of oral and written Arabic in a variety of contexts, including how to engage in basic introductions and social exchanges; how to speak (and write) about oneself; how to engage in conversations relating to specific themes (the weather, travel, telling time, education, etc.); how to write a letter; how to recite poetry; how to chant political slogans. Prerequisite: Arabic 100-101CP.
Last taught F11.
Arabic Tutorial
Arabic 300/400 Asfar
4 credits
Under these course numbers, juniors and seniors design tutorials to meet their particular interests and programmatic needs. A student should see the prospective tutor to define an area of mutual interest to pursue either individually or in a small group. A student may register for no more than one tutorial in any semester. Prerequisite: Arabic 100–101 CP.
This tutorial is generally offered once a year.