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Learning Resources

The Art of Tutoring Writing
Learning Resources 201m Bonvillain
1 credit
This course prepares students to be writing tutors. It familiarizes students with theories and techniques of writing, making them aware of their own process and of alternative writing processes. Students will learn by reading required texts and by practicing tutoring procedures and reviewing sample papers. Students wishing to become writing tutors need to be recommended by two faculty members. The procedures for obtaining recommendations will be explained and facilitated by the Tutoring and Writing Center staff. Prerequisites: Sophomore or advanced standing and permission of the instructor.
This course is generally offered once a year.
Study Away Preparation
Learning Resources 202m Tebben/Lyon
1 credit
The Study Away Preparation course (LR 202m2) is intended for sophomores who plan to participate in a Leave to Study Away and is a prerequisite for registration for a Leave to Study Away semester (LTSA 300FL/SP). The course was created to help students prepare for a semester abroad or away from Simon’s Rock. It provides practical information and engagement with the chosen study away location and institution before the student’s program begins. It also offers a chance for students to consider “culture” as a larger concept, and allows recently returned study away students to share experiences with those who are in the process of planning study away or abroad. It is expected that some students may have already traveled abroad, or in the case of international students, may have already completed a similar course in their home country. Every effort will be made to provide a meaningful and useful experience in this course for these students, and the content of the course will be adapted appropriately based on the participants’ needs and interests.
This course is offered every semester.
Study Away Reflection
Learning Resources 203m Tebben/Lyon
1 credit
The Study Away Reflection course (LR 203m1), is intended to help students maintain contact with the Simon’s Rock community while away and transition successfully back to campus on their return. In this course, students are asked to consider how their LTSA term has contributed to and influenced their academic experience, and how it informs their Senior Thesis project. The Reflection course’s requirements include: 1) posting to the Study Abroad blog while away, 2) completing the Return Survey, and 3) giving a Returning Student Presentation for the campus community. Students must complete the Reflection course required in order to be awarded credit for courses completed on Leave to Study Away semesters(s).
This course is offered every semester.