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Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty

A college’s faculty to student ratio is a quantitative—not qualitative—description. We could tell you that our student to faculty ratio is 9 to 1 (which it is), but that wouldn’t mean much if most of our professors showed up to give an occasional dry lecture and then scurried back home. That doesn’t happen here. When we hire new faculty, we look for professors who are doing important, ambitious work in their fields, who want to be challenged by their students, who run their classes as high-level, high-spirited discussions, who believe that teaching is a two-way process, and that it happens in and out of the classroom. Our professors don’t just teach; they advise, collaborate with, counsel, nurture, and mentor students. You’ll know your professors by their first names, you’ll meet for coffee at a café or for dinner at their houses, you’ll run into them in town or at the dining hall or at a concert. You’ll come to think of them—and they’ll come to think of you—as especially bright and interesting colleagues.

Faculty A-Z

Asma Abbas (Division Head in Social Studies), PhD, The Pennsylvania State University, Political Science, Philosophy

Karen Beaumont, St. Clair College; The Canadian Mime School; Kristin Linklater; Tina Packer, Theater

Michael Bergman, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Physics

Nancy Bonvillain, PhD, Columbia University, Anthropology and Linguistics

Kathryn Boswell, PhD, Indiana University, Anthropology

Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, PhD, New York University, Gender Studies and Literature

Lawrence Burke, MFA, Columbia University, Film and Video

Christopher K. Callanan, PhD, University of Göttingen, Classics

Christopher Coggins, PhD, Louisiana State University, Geography and Asian Studies

Brian Francis Conolly, PhD, Indiana University, Philosophy

Thomas Coote, PhD, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Environmental Studies, Landscape Ecology and Genetics

Joan DelPlato, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, Art History and Women's Studies

Patricia A. Dooley, PhD, Vanderbilt University, Chemistry

Patrick Dragon, PhD, University of California, Davis, Mathematics

William D. Dunbar, PhD, Princeton University, Mathematics

Peter Filkins, MFA, Columbia University, Literature

Rebecca Fiske, PhD, State University of New York at Albany, Literature

Jacob Fossum, MFA, Institute College of Art, Drawing and Painting

Eden-Reneé Hayes, PhD, Tulane University, Psychology

James W. Hutchinson, PhD, University of New Mexico, Literature

Eric Kramer (Division Head in Science, Mathematics, and Computing), PhD, University of Chicago, Physics

Ben Krupka, MFA, Utah State University, Ceramics

Peter Laipson, Provost and Vice President of the College, PhD, University of Michigan, History

Li-Mei Lim, PhD, Brown University, Mathematics

Sue Lyon, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, MBA, EdD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Higher Education Leadership and Policy

Brendan Mathews, MFA, University of Virginia, Literature

Erin McMullin, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, Biology

Susan Mechanic-Meyers, PhD, New York University Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Biology

Aimée K. Michel (Division Head in the Arts), MFA, Tulane University, Theater

David Reed Myers  PhD, Princeton University, Chemistry and Mathematics

John E. Myers, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore, Music, Interactive Arts, Asian Studies

Anne O’Dwyer, Dean of Academic Affairs, PhD, Boston College, Psychology

Francisca Oyogoa, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Sociology

Kate Pichard, PhD, City University of New York, Spanish

Bernard F. Rodgers, Jr., Emily H. Fisher Chair in Literature, PhD, University of Chicago, Literature

Mileta M. Roe PhD, Brandeis University, Comparative Literature and Spanish

Samuel Ruhmkorff, PhD, University of Michigan, Philosophy

Patricia Sharpe, Elizabeth Blodgett Hall Chair in Literature, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Literature and Women's Studies

Wendy Shifrin, MA, New York University, Dance and Women's Studies

Sarah J. Snyder, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno, Biology

Maryann B. Tebben, PhD, University of Southern California, French

Colette van Kerckvoorde (Division Head in Languages and Literature), PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst, German and French

Laurence D. Wallach, Livingston Hall Chair in Music, PhD, Columbia University, Music

John B. Weinstein, PhD, Columbia University, Chinese, Asian Studies, Theater

Aaron Williams, PhD, University of Victoria, Computer Science

Nancy Yanoshak, PhD, Georgetown University, History and Women's Studies

John T. Young-Taft, PhD, John T. Young-Taft, Economics

Yinxue Zhao, MA, University of Delaware, Chinese


Faculty Emeritus

Allen B. Altman, PhD, Columbia University, Mathematics (1986-2008)

Gabriel V. Asfar, PhD, Princeton University, French and Arabic (1983–2014)

Isaac Y. Bao, PhD, New York University, Biology (1984-2006)

René G. Biber, PhD, Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva, French (1968-1997)

Virginia A. Brush, PhD, State University of New York at Albany, Psychology (1986-2010)

Edgar Chamorro, MEd, Harvard University, Latin and Spanish (1990-2009)

Peter G. Cocks, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Politics (1984-2005)

Emmanuel Dongala, Richard B. Fisher Chair in Natural Sciences, Doctorat de Spécialité, Université of Strasbourg; Doctorat-ès-Sciences, Université des Sciences et Techniques à Montpelier, Chemistry (1998–2014)

Arthur S. Hillman, MFA, University of Massachusetts, Photography, Printmaking, and Design (1974-2011)

Hal L. Holladay, PhD, University of Michigan, Literature (1980–2013)

William D. Jackson, MFA, Indiana University, Painting, Sculpture, and Design (1972-2011)

John D. W. Kingston, University of New Zealand, Ceramics and Figure Drawing (1983-2004)

Edward J. Misch, HEL, HED, Gregorian University of Rome, History and Philosophy (1969-2001)

James A. Monsonis, PhD, New School for Social Research, Economics and Sociology (1978-2003)

Barbara D. Resnik, JD, Yeshiva University, Art History, Social Science, and Women’s Studies (1990-2008)

Donald R. Roeder, PhD, Iowa State University, Environmental Studies and Biology (1977–2014)

Robert E. Schmidt, PhD, University of Connecticut, Environmental Studies and Zoology (1984–2014)

David R. Sharpe, PhD, Purdue University, Physics (1983-1999)

Paul Shields, PhD, Fordham University, Computer Science (2003–2012)

Robert L. Snyder, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Mathematics (1974-2010)

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