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Meet the Faculty

Rebecca Fiske


Rebecca Fiske

Division: Languages and Literature
Appointment: 1986





PhD, State University of New York, Albany
MAT, Smith College
BA, Bennington College

Professional History:

Literature Faculty, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Areas of Interest:

Hermeneutics • Abrahamic Religions • Critical and Literary Theory • Psychoanalysis

Research Interests/Professional Service:

  • Berkshire Community College, Founded and directed the Peer Tutoring Program and the Writing Center
  • Berkshire Learning Services, Founding Director

Publications/Book Chapters/Exhibitions/Performances:

  • "The Effective Education Professional" in Journal of Humanistic Education and Development
  • "Walter Benjamin: Marxist Rabbi with Dialectical Reservations." Doctoral Dissertation.
  • "August Genesis," in Experiencing Race, Class and Gender in the United States, McGraw Hill.
  • "After the Aftermath" in The Rougarou Literary Journal, University of Louisiana
  • "Penny Candy" in Moronic Ox Cultural and Literary Journal.
  • "Generations Y and Z Drash Alpha and Omega" in Educating Outside the Lines: Bard College at Simon's Rock on a New Pedagogy for the Twenty-First Century, Peter Lang Publishing.
  • "Language of Angels: Sacred Signification and the Crisis of Truth" in Literature and Belief, Brigham Young University.

Recent Conferences and Papers

  • "The Fatal Power of Envy", International Political Science Association Conference, Madrid, Spain
  • "A Pair of Fine Eyes in a Pretty Face: Hegelian Marriage in Pride and Prejudice" at Rider University, video-conference with University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq, as part of the Global Studies/Global Village Initiative
  • "Philosophy in the Abrahamic Tradition", University of Denver
  • "Literature and Belief", Brigham Young University


  • University of Chicago Outstanding Teacher Award
  • Fulbright Fellowship in the Humanities Nomination, Smith College
  • Mark Shirwin Outstanding Service Award
  • Richard Drum Award

Other Activities

  • Writing Workshops Summerbridge, Providence, RI.
  • Writing Workshop Upward Bound, St. Louis, Mo
  • "College Students with Learning Challenges" Southern Berkshire Educational Collaborative and Upward Bound
  • English as a Second Language, Literacy Network
  • "The First Book of Moses" and "Metatron to Mephistopheles" lecture series, Osher Institute for Life Long Learning
  • Berkshire Learning Services: an organization devoted to serving gifted students with learning challenges, Founding Director