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by Jared Weiss '10

It’s hard to believe… I have completed every last assignment, fulfilled every last obligation of my undergraduate career. In less than a week, I will be leaving this place with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology at age 17, and lo and behold, I will henceforth be a college graduate.…
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Simon's Rock Alumni Leadership Council: Election Nomination Form

Do you know a Rocker who would make a good Alumni Leadership Council member? Would you like to serve on the ALC?

The ALC supports the mission of Simon’s Rock as goodwill ambassadors, with specific initiatives in recruitment, fundraising, event organizing, and alumni outreach. Also, the ALC serves as a liaison between alumni, College administrators, and the Simon’s Rock Board of Overseers. Some projects that ALC members work on include: leading career affinity groups for alumni and students, selecting alumni to receive the Simon’s Rock Outstanding Alumni Award, leading regional social chapters, fundraising to support Simon’s Rock and its community, recruiting prospective Simon’s Rock students, publishing a mini-magazine for alumni and friends of Simon’s Rock, and producing annual reunion celebrations.

Please use the form below to nominate a peer or yourself for the ALC. We strive to have representation from all eras and from all areas of the world.

Nominations for the current year are accepted through April 30.