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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

A student who is considering withdrawal should confer with the student accounts office and financial aid office concerning anticipated refunds. No refund is made in case of suspension or expulsion except when a student is eligible for the pro-rata refund as mandated by the federal government.

No refund of fees will be made in the event a student withdraws from the college after the semester begins, except as stated below.

If a withdrawal occurs:

  • Prior to first day of class, $500 enrollment fee is retained. All other charges are refunded.
  • Within first week after semester begins: 80% of tuition, room and board is refunded.
  • Within two weeks after semester begins: 60% of tuition, room and board is refunded.
  • Within four weeks after semester begins: 30% of tuition, room and board is refunded.
  • After four weeks: no refund is made.

The dean of student affairs must be informed in writing of a student's intent to withdraw. The student accounts office must approve the refund, determined from the date of notification of withdrawal, before it is issued. Adjustments in financial aid awards for students who withdraw will be determined according to the following procedures:

  • Any institutional grants or scholarships will be reduced by the same percentage as the refunds described above.
  • Recipients of federal student aid will have their federal aid adjusted based on a formula prescribed by federal regulations.