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Contemporary Cuban Artists

March 2 -  April  25, 2008
The Atrium Gallery

Abel Barroso, Hugo Azcuy Castillo, Max Delgado Corteguera, Ibrahim Miranda, Angel Ramirez, Isolina Limonta Rodriguez, Jose Angel Toirac

Curated by Benigna Chilla

Contemporary Cuban Artists comes to Simon’s Rock through the generosity and work of Benigna Chilla, who is a professor of Visual Arts at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield.  This exhibition originated out of a 2004 sabbatical visit to Cuba where Benigna befriended several artists, all of whom were, and still are, unable to travel to America as it is the official position of the US government to deny Cuban citizens visas. Determined to show the talented and varied work coming out of this isolated country, and with a desire to share these creative expressions of their current life in Cuba with Americans, Benigna selected and took on loan from the artists seventy-five prints.  The resulting show, Cuban Artists, traveled in 2004 and 2005 to the Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art, the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown and to Berkshire Community College.

The current exhibition at Simon’s Rock is a smaller and modified version of that show and includes some pieces that the grateful artists gave to Benigna as gifts and can be identified by their inscriptions to her. The original Cuban Artists catalogues as well as the artists’ resumes can be viewed within the exhibition binder.

Margaret Grant
Collections and Exhibitions Curator

El Otro San Cristobal
Ibrahim Miranda, El Otro San Cristobal, 1999, woodcut on paper

Homenade postumo a la Paz de las Pipas
Max Delgado Corteguera, Homenade Postumo a la Paz de las Pipas, 2000, intaglio