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WENDY RABINOWITZ: The Earth is Our Mothers

March 4 - April 6, 2014 / Hillman-Jackson Gallery / Daniel Arts Center

“THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHERS” combines my on-going dedication to bringing forth women’s unique stories,  as represented in my series “V’I-MO-TEI-NU: And Our Mothers,”  and  in my commitment to advocate for sustaining and maintaining this our sacred Earth, as shown in my series “LOOK TO THE EARTH AND IT SHALL LEAD YOU.”  Both these series of artworks are expressed in visual and written form using  a diversity of materials and techniques: weaving, wrapping, layering, molding, embellishment, calligraphy, etc., as well as a variety of  forms and materials from the earth. As I work daily in my Living Threads Judaica studio in the beautiful Berkshires of  western Massachusetts, my intention,  heb. “kavannah,”   is to  co-create with “THE-SOURCE-OF-ALL” to provide gateways of connection and renewal.

There are many teachings thoughout time and across cultural and spiritual traditions that speak to the themes in this current exhibit. In Biblical sources and elsewhere,  women are thought to have been created from the material of the earth, heb.- “adamah”  and are  seen  as keepers of the land.  Also,  the topography and undulating forms of the earth are referred to as  “Mother Earth” and “Mother Nature.”  Women biologically have the capacity to bring forth new life as does the land, and we often are leaders in the movement to honor and sustain our earth resources.  The device  upon which fabric is created,  the loom, symbolically  represents  our lives,  the “warp” or vertical, rigid threads is what which we come into the world with,  and the ”weft,”  the horizontal, flowing threads, is the world of experience that is woven in, together creating the web of our lives. In addition, there is “The Spirit Pathway, “ an opening or single thread that is deliberately  created  so that “THE- SOURCE-OF- ALL” can enter and be a part of the whole.

- Wendy Rabinowitz

SARAH,Queen of Light from V’Imoteinu(And Our Mothers) Series.jpg

Sarah, Queen of Light from V'Imoteinu (And Our Mothers)