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Report of Donors - July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

$100,000 and greater
James M. Clark '76
Davis Educational Foundation
Emily H. Fisher
Murray and Patti Liebowitz

The John S. and Cynthia L. Reed Foundation
The Sealark Foundation
Weston Associates


Riversville Foundation


Penzance Foundation
The Spingold Foundation, Inc.
Sprague Foundation, Inc.


The Barrington Foundation, Inc.
Margaret Kendrick Blodgett Foundation
Alvin '92 and Chelsey Loshak
Mason Hirst Foundation, Inc.

Zachary '85 and Allison Julius

The Stewart Foundation
Sally E. Unger '73
Sprague Foundation, Inc.
In honor of Mary Marcy

Stuart Breslow and Anne Miller-Breslow
Julia and Robert Greifeld
The William H. Prusoff Foundation

Alvin Prusoff and Deborah DeRose
Lee Halprin and Abby Rockefeller
Patricia J.S. Simpson

Jill B. Blanchard '90
Thomas K. Doyle, Sr. and Paula Doyle
Jesse A. Fecker '92
Catherine Fisher '83
Paul W. Goldschmidt '84
John K. Hall


Mary B. Marcy
Glenn M. Peacock '83
In memory of Dottie-Lou Brokaw

Elizabeth H. Rader '81
Henry Seltzer '02, Joanna Seltzer '99, and Richard and Kim Seltzer
In memory of Elvira and Gilbert Isaacs

John '80 and Stephanie Wyche

2011 Graduating B.A. Class
2011 Graduating A.A. Class
Christopher '86 and Cordelia '86 Derhammer-Hill
ExxonMobil Foundation
Jonathan and Majorie Glass
John H. V. McWhorter '81
Microsoft Matching Gift Program


Theodore Quinto '92 and Benjamin Quinto
Bernard F. Rodgers, Jr.
In memory of Jane Rodgers

Morris and Ronnie Stern
Larry Swales and Ya-Hui Laurie Pan
   In honor of Stephanie Swales

Ian Weiss '85 and Marna Broida

Loren AliKhan '99
Derek Anderson '06
Thomas and Barbara Armstrong
Timothy and Katryn Barefield
Rene and Marjorie Biber
  In honor of Mary Marcy

Mario Bick and Diana Brown
Leslie Birenbaum
Lynn Brown and Sandy Brinkert
Robert M. Broberg
  In honor of Sabina and Nola's graduation and Joe Corso

David Byrd '78
Meriweather Clark-Connors '76
   In memory of Faye Polner

Charles and Sara Coe
   In honor of Elizabeth Coe

Michal Zivan Coffey '95 and Tim Coffey '95
Joan Countryman
M. Leslie Davidson
   In honor of Mary Marcy

Harvey and Scarlet Edber
Nicole E. Fitting '92
Jacqueline Gentile
   In honor of Mary Marcy

Christopher M. Gittins '83
   In memory of Leslie Sander

Theresa K. Glover
David Jay Goldberg '82
   In memory of Leslie Sander

I. K. and E-Min Gunadi
The Horbach Fund


Louise Rogow Howard '85
Joan and Jim Hunter
Kenneth and Teddy Johnson
Robert Julius
Kaye Leightner
Joshua Levy and Julie Simms
Jon A. MacClaren and Christopher Sink
Ian and Mary MacKinnon
Alice Mahood '90 and Jesse Glick '89
  In honor of Mabel Alice

Robert '81 and Jennifer McCue
James A. Monsonis and Lenore Gensburg '78
Rich Montone and Erika Nelson
Beverly and Peter Munsing
  In honor of Simon's Rock graduates serving in the military

Osher Institute for Lifetime Learning
Quality Printing Company, Inc.
Elizabeth Richardson
Bruce and Adrienne Rogove
Charles and Rebecca Rosenzweig
Scott Shenker and Mary Ruth Quinn
   in honor of Sam Ruhmkorff

Adam Shostack '88
Sabrena A. Silver '85
Charles Springer and Carol Mitchell-Springer
James Teeple '74
Allyson A. Till '84
Liz Wall '82 and Deb Smucker
Arthur Watson '98
U Ba Win and Judith Win
   In honor of Mary Marcy

Andrew and Camilla Wylie

Henry Alford '80
Andrew and Debra Balbus
Ernest Berger and Lisa David
Scott S. Blake '88 and Liz Rettenmaier
Thomas R. Borkowski
  In honor of Joseph H. Borkowski

Robert and Hester Brooks
Bob and Karyn (Ritchie) Brundige '82
Ethan and Cherrylynn Burris
  In memory of Noah Burris

Megan Case '92
David Castro '73
  In honor of Dr. Raymond E. Castro

Rodney Christopher '86 and Greg McCaslin
  In memory of Todd L. Tisdale

Abraham '00 and Amelie '00 Chu
Debbie Cibelli '71
Lucy P. Clark '66
David Corcoran and Karrie Olick
Eric L. and Patricia B. Decker
Dan Diskin '80 and Meg Bahlke Diskin '82
Deirdre M. Farley '69
Jon and Kayne Ferrier
   In honor of Valerie K. Ferrier

Susan Finisdore Higgins '81
Laura and William Glasgall
Anita Gould '80 and Richard Snyder
Yan Wei Guo and Li Liang Xu
Andrea Hanna '92
Nancy and Tom Hardin
Rebecca Hughson Leise '71
Andrew '74 and Elisabeth Humes
John '70 and Ann Jacobs
Lola Jaffe
  In honor of Mary Marcy

Johnson and Johnson Matching Gift Program
Julian Loshak


Audrey Kalman '77
  In memory of Eileen Handelman

Aileen Kawabe '93
Michael Belanger and Ellen Kisslinger
Anne M. Laughlin '98
Jessica Glick Lyn '84 and Zaw Lyn '89
Susan A. Manning '72
Adrienne Maynard '89
Charles McKenrick '02
Chris and Kate Meyer
  In honor of Mildred Kellam

Clara Miller
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

Maneesh Modi '94
Margaret Moench '70 and Ira Mellman
Horace '71 and Betsy Nash
Eli Pariser '96
Colleen and James Patell
Adriane Powell
  In memory of Jane Rodgers

John and Lynn Rathgeber
Jim and Diane Schwab
Matthew Setzer '87
Alexandra Shandell '00
Sandra Smith '68
Otto and Dorothy Solbrig
Robert and Andrea Solomon
Mark Lazar and Mary Spalding
   In honor of Wendy Shifrin and Joan DelPlato

Jan Staller '70
Barbara D. Sweeney
Christine Terrell '00
Beverly Kerness Unger
John B. Weinstein and Brian L. Mikesell
   In honor of Emily H. Fisher

Baird and Joan Whitlock
Jacqueline A. Wilson

Jennifer Alexander '83
    In memory of Natalie Harper, Galen Gibson and Ñacuñán L. Sáez

Julia M. Bauder '97
Catya Belfer '88
Jochai Ben-Avie '06
Robert Bernobich '81
Ross and Barbara Bickford
Dahlia Bousaid '97
Mary Carswell
Susan and Brian Emerson Clapp
    In honor of Mary Marcy

Mark Clifford '74
Frank and Betty Couvares
    In honor of Mary King Austin

Hilary Somers Deely '68 and Philip Deely
Susan Di Biase
Pauline and Emmanual Dongala
June Eisenman '71
David A. Epstein '95
  In honor of Peter Cocks and Jim Monsonis

John L. Espinoza '94
Leland and Aline Ferguson
    In honor of Sam Ferguson '06

Kristina Flegel '90
Katherine Fleming '94
Laszlo Frazer '05 and Ann Burchfield '04
Robert and Joy Gess
Gabrielle Glemann '99 and Paul Reinitz
Heather Godwin Jones '81
David Goldstein '86
Gregory Greifeld '05
Michael '03 and Morgan Haskel
Scott and Nan Sutter Hayworth
Eliza R. Hewat '67
Dana and Kathryn Hiscock
Caroline '79 and Brian '73 Hopewell


Haoran and Ping Hu
Erica Kiesewetter
Nancy K. Kim
Suzanne Klimek '79
  In honor of Mary Marcy

Patrick C. Knox '71
  In memory of Doreen Young

Michael P. Koch '74
Maggie Leonard '78
Katie and Mark Levine
  In honor of Mary Marcy

Sara Lolar '89
Edward and Judith Lund, Jr.
David and Susan Miller
Leila Miller
Charles Montgomery '89
Hutch and Linda Neilson
    In honor of Lena Elisabeth Mugridge Neilson

Alan Overseth
    In memory of Lynn Christopher

John Pender-Cudlip
Bob Phillips '70
Larry Praeger '72
Don and Elaine Ritchie
Tim and Liz Rodgers and Family
    in memory of Jane Rodgers

Eric Allix Rogers '01
Samuel Ruhmkorff
Robin Scanlon
Schwab Charitable Fund
Maria Sedova '02
Henry Seltzer '02
Patricia M. and H. William Smith, Jr. Foundation
Richard Snyder
Elizabeth St. John Villard
Kate St. John Villard-Howe '01
Ben Tucker '82
Jonathan and Elisabeth Weiss
  In honor of Jared Weiss

Miriam Weizenbaum '76

Roberta Klein Ackerman
    in memory of Leon A. Ackerman

Adeboye Adejare '75
M Saleh Saul Allen '00
Jessica Allen '97
Ted and Renee Altman
Charlotte Anderholt '01
Kristen Anderson '88 and Shane Belden
    In memory of Lynn Christopher

Armand Aquino '86
   In memory of Ñacuñán L. Sáez

Gabriel Bach '93
Jeffrey and Mary Ellen Baker
Ruth Ballenzweig '99
Susan Beckerman
   In memory of John C. Honey

Walter M. Beckford and Michelle Beckford
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Walter and Marta Beckford
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Carlos and Jesusa Benedicto
Ian M. Bennett '81
Mike Bergman
Joel '00 and Elise Kent '00 Bernanke
Anna and Ben Bernanke
Gail Berneike and Don Bernier
   In memory of Jane Rodgers

Margaret Heath Lazer '82 and Zane Lazer '86 and Maryana Heath Hu
Alexander Bick '94
Amy Bogran '83
Anthony and Ellen Borges
Jennifer Bowen
Carla Boyce '84
Keith '80 and Penny '81 Brierley-Bowers
Kelly A. Brown '79
Laura Butler '66
Chris Callanan
   In honor of Emily H. Fisher

Mary Baine Campbell '71
Glenn Cantor and Inge Eriks
Margaret Carl '70
Jon and Nancy Chalfant-Walker
James Chase
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Dale Chayes and Kim Kastens
Gilana Chelimsky '99
Ashley Christensen '00
Barbara and Rodgin Cohen
Alison Colby '76
   In honor of John Rosenberg and Mark Burkholder
Valerie Collura '84
Joseph Corso II
Joshua M. Cowan '81
Coleen Cox
Elizabeth Cronenwett '93
Carolyn Crowley '91 and Eric McClenahan
Jeffrey Cua '00
Annie Cushman-Kosar
Jane E. Stacey and Hugh W. Dangler
Erin M. Delevan '89
Amer Delic '00
Debbie and Bob Dillon
   In honor of Maeve Dillon

Richard and Diane Donaher
Edna Dorry
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

John C. Dovel
Joshua '92 and Shevah Faber
Catherine Felgar '82
Shani R. Ferguson '85
   In honor of Bernie Rodgers

Christopher M. Fink
   In honor of Charles G. Fink '07

Jonathan X. Flagg '86
Lee-Anne Flandreau '88
Ronald and Janice Flaugher
Pamela Anne Foelsch '81
Aaron Fogelson and Deborah Feder
Kathryn Friedman '02
Mara Friedman '80
Jared Fuchs '05
Mary Martin Gant
   In honor of Jason Martin Snell

Beri Gilfix
Bean Gilsdorf '90
   In honor of Hal Holliday

Leonard and Nansi Glick
Kenan Godfrey '92
Wendy Goodman '67
Robert Graves
   In honor of Mary Marcy

Andrea Grayson '80
Kyra Greene '91
Groebel Family
Judith Gubner Terry '66 and Patrick Terry
Thomas Hall
Kriss Hamilton
Sumul Shah '99 and Maudie Hampden Shah '99
Lily L. Han '99
Joanne Hebert Sarkar '87
   In memory of Natalie Harper

Kathryn Hodgson
Nicholas Horton and Julia Riseman
Meg Humes Bartlo '72
Ann Hutcheson-Reid '75
Janet C. Hutchinson
Jamie Hutchinson
   In memory of Natalie Harper

Emmette R. '98 and Mary Jo and Hutchison
Julia A. Insinger '77
Cody Jones '07
   In honor of Rich Montone

Sarah Gould Kagan '75
   In memory of Doreen Young

Bryna Kamel Blaine
   In honor of Darren S. Blaine

Onkar Kapoor '00
Daniel Kellner '99
Lori Kenepp '81
Edward and Elene Kent
   In honor of Joel and Elise Kent Bernanke

Kim Kent '88
Marie L. Kittredge '75
Richard Kittredge and Tanya Korelsky
Sharon and Stephen Koons
Susan Lamont '68
Daniel Landau '89
John W. Larsen
Michael Lawrence '98
Michael Leahy and M. B. Maughan


Elizabeth Lester
David P. Levine '98
Jake Levy
Teofilo and Laura Lezama
Matthew Lichtenstein '87
Gregg Lind '94
Joseph Little '91
Karen and John Loeser
David M. Lovely '96 and Jim Lai
Lisa B. Martin '76
Michael Martin
Gabrielle "Posy" Marzani '84
Koshy Mathai '97
Pamela Mathewson '67
Brenda Mathisen '03
Michael Mauel
Robert W. Maynard and Susan Sullivan Maynard
Mac McClurkan '78
Sally McGregor
Ann Elise McLaughlin '87
Brian J. McNelis '78
Coleman '98 and Tamara Mehta
Richard and Lynn Melnick
Jean B. Meyers
Elizabeth M. Morss '78
Gina Mosca '95
Raj Mukherji '00
   In honor of Anju Mukherji

Lynn Mulheron '86
Josh Muskovitz '82 and Marley Mills '84
David R. Myers and Susan Cooper
   In memory of our parents

James Nadeau '81 and Jill Mandell '83
   In memory of Judith Catherine Nadeau

Allan and Lisa Neibuhr
    In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

John S. Nelson '02
Jean Flood '68 and Paul Nemeth
Charles Noyes III
Anne O'Dwyer and Jim Frangione
Ranga and Suku Palaniswamy
Stephen and Deborah Paruolo
Nessa and Robert Peters
Kimberly Flinchbaugh Bailey '84
Craig Platt '74
Jim Poe '94 and Susanne Grabowski '94
    In memory of August C. Poe

Howard and Ellen Pritham
Gretchen Pulver '75
Elizabeth Putnam '71 and Maynard Stowe
Soyok Quan '92
Belinda Rathbone '66
Jeffrey Resnick '80
Diane Rhoades-Warner
   In memory of Greg Rhoades

Carrie Richards '93
Robert Richards '80
Christine Ritchie '82
Jennifer Rivers Cole '86
   In memory of Ñacuñán L. Sáez

C. Lee Rogers
Mira Rubens and Peter Landy
Harold and Roberta Rudin
   In memory of Derek Gross and Leslie Sanders

Jake Rudulph '04
Melinda Russell '79
Lillian Sanpere '77
Craig Sauer '90
Marcia A. Savage
Hannah Schmidt '99
Bruce '81 and Danna Schoenberg
Thomas and Shirley Schott
   In honor of Blake Holland

Andrew and Karen Schwartz
   In honor of Koia Schwartz and Peter Schwartz

Aurelia C. Scott '73
Hilary S. L. Scott '79 and Gretchen Wehrle-Scott
Mark Selitsky and Orit Szwarcman
   In honor of Lea Selitsky

Matthew Setzer '87
Tim Siftar '82
Martin Silberberg
   In memory of Gertrude Mazur

Debbie Silverblank
Nicole Simoneaux
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

Jeanine Skorinko '97
Sara Smollett '96 and Karl Krueger '94
William Russell Softky
Cindy J. Speaker '81
Eugenie Steele Dieck '71
Gael Storck '66
Shirley Swanson and Theodore Mandigo
Michael and Pat Swartz
Jonathan Swartz '98
Yuri Imanishi and Brian Swift
Maryann Tebben
Lynelle Tedesco and Nelson Yu
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Jerome and Lynn Terres
Mari L. Teter '80 and Robert Berlin
   In honor of Stan Farnum

John and Sonya Thompson
Bill Tipper '73
Marshall and Naomi Trachtenberg
Jacob Trevick '98
Kris Tromiczak '76
   In memory of Martin Naumann

Elizabeth Tuggey Lynch '02
Susanne L. Tunstall '84
Summer Unsinn '96
   In memory of Hendrik Doorn '96

Marcy and Santiago Vaca
Daniel Goure and Louise Vasilakos
Vincent Velardo and Angela L. Alvarez Velardo '86
Caitlin Hazen '90
   In memory of Ñacuñán L. Sáez

Eric and Jessie von Hippel
Betsy Walker '68
Marvin Wasserman and Barbara von Bulow
Charles A. Webb III '82
David and Sandra Welsh
Georgia White
   In honor of Morganstarr White

Christopher Whitlock '72
Laura Willis '89
   In memory of Todd L. Tisdale '88

Sharon Beck '76
James R. and H. Sylvia Wright
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Sarah Wright '80
Adrienne York-Minor '95
Thomas Zachacz

$50 to $99
Mallory Ahern '00
Russell Anderson
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

   In memory of Noah White Burris

Kaye and Gene Anthony
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Susan Bachelder
Dawn Baird-Immerman '76
Katie Sue Birchenough '67
Marvin R. Birnbaum '79
Captain Ronald L. Blake
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Minna Bromberg '88
Moira Buhr
   In honor of Mary Marcy

Matthew Burch '87
Diallo Burke '08
Michele Burke Majer '68
Kimberly Burton '06
Kathleen Chace Larzelere '67
Caroline Ching '91
Marlene Cintron
   In memory of Isabel Ramos

Douglas and Ann Clark
Lucy Clippinger '04
Edna Collins
Paul A. Cox '86
   In memory of Ñacuñán L. Sáez

Hannah Craig-Kuhn '00
William DeSousa '70
Alice Dobbs '75
Zoe Donaldson '98
Neal and Susan Donaldson
Frances Dozier '05
Margaret Dunlap '95
Emily Eelman '99
Kari Elsila '90 and Michael Buescher
John and Zirka Filipczak
Gabriel Fishman '03
William and Patricia Font
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Greg Garcia
Ana-Maria Conley '75
Rebecca Goertzel '86
Susan Golden '78
Valerie Gono '05
Zeb Green '05
Emory Griffin-Noyes '99
Chris and Diane Gruber
Cara E. Haas '92
Paul Hansen '00
Allyn Harcus '88
Kathy and Joe Hatfield
Paul and Mary Hazelton
Kate Higgins Gonzalez '69
Cuong Ho
Robert Jack
   In honor of Rob Jack

Fred Kass '91
Charles and Laura Kibby
Jason Koenig '88
Leila Kohler-Frueh '91
Lucy Koteen Young and Allan Young
Cindy Lehmbeck Wood '78
Evan Leibu '99
Sharon and Martin Lewis
Joan P. Lussky
Sue and Bill Lyon
Bruce and Marianne MacCullagh
   In honor of the entering class of 2009


Jodie Dejio (Haftel) Maisfehlt '00
Daniel J. Malakoff '96
Elizabeth S. Marmorstein '00
Peter L. Maroulis
Adrienne Masler '02
Trent Maverick '03
Darcy McCusker '06
Peyton McNutt '94 and Liz Healey
Robert Mijares '96
Cheryl Mirer
Patricia and Larry Moore
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Gail Morehead '90
Jesse P. Murray
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

Sarah C. Nash '83
Michael Nash '01
Saket Navlakha '00
   In memory of Simon's Rock College of Bard, the original

Thomas Neely and Debbie Silverblank
Daniel H. Neilson '97 and Sara E. Mugridge '97
John and Jeanette Nichols
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Lisa North '81
Amy Nowell '86
Erin M. Oakley '95
Virginia Peters Bennett '75
Joel Pitt
   In honor of Kristine Hill

Abby Pratt
Sarah Prusoff '01
Fran and Spence Putnam
David Raynor '91
Fred and Rosamond Rea
Eli Rood '01
Alicia Rossie
Alexandra Russell '67
Baruc and Laura Saez
Barbara Salop
   In honor of Michael Nash '06

Ian Schwartz-Leeper '01
David Segil '00
Laura C. Selkirk '98
   In honor of Aaron Hurwitz

Allyson Sgro '01 and Bjorn-Erik Townsend '94
Miriam Shadis '81
Zoe Sherman '95
Evelina Shmukler '93
Jennifer Sireklove '96
Ilana Michelle Slaff '85
George T. Smith
Lynne Marie Steinsieck '66
Mary M. Stiles '87
Amy K. Sutton Sterndale '87
Peter Sword '77
Dennis Norman and Carol Taylor
Maria Terres '04
Rebecca Thomas
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

Clayton Thomason '76
Chris and Audrey Torkelson
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

J. Craig and Sue Trouwborst
Alexander Unger '02
Brook Wiers '84
Tom and Harriet Wilcox
Jay and Hermine Williams
Matthew Winkler '89
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

David and Robin Wood
   In honor of the Simon's Rock Faculty

Kerry Woodward '91
Kai Young and Grace Yee Young
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Jeffrey Young '01
Julia Zanes '79

Gifts to $49
Thomas '95 and Alana Abbott '96
Alan Altschuler
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

Anonymous '00
Ophelia Austin-Small '93
Emily Baker '09
Paula Bloomfield Toland '77
Delano J. Lopez '87 and Rachel Bowen '94
Alexandra Bowen '02
The Breisacher Family
Alexander Broner '02
Robert R. and Sherry K. Brooks
John and Carrie McCully Brown
Simon Burke-Lipiczky '92
Margaret E. Burnett '70
Robert Butler '71
Emily Carson '89
Mary Chase-Ziolek '68
   In honor of Catherine Miller

Sallie Connell '81
Paula Conner
Daniel Copulsky '00
John and Marion Coronna
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Natalie Cowan '09
Lee and Brian Cronin
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Molly Crossman '09
Emily A. Daniels '89
Lis Danish Wheeler '75
Linda M. Darling
Chloe Demrovsky '01
   In memory of Tadd Gero

William Deng '09
   In honor of Michael Rogove

Anthony and Charlotte Deon
Evan Didier '05
Marianne Dologuin '03
Denise Dufault
Sam and Nancy Duncan
Russell and Judith '80 Ehrman-Shapiro
Neil and Barbara Elliott
Stephan Fowlkes '88
Rachel Furnari '95
Ashley Garvey '01
Alfred Geiger
   In memory of Caleb Willard Roossevelt '79

Nat Gertler '79
Jennifer Goodwillie '05
Irviandari Gusman '09
Kendra Hansen '98
Grace W. Harde
   In honor of C. Fred Harde '76

Megan Heise '09
Mimi Henderson '68
Leila H. Gary '93
Martha Hess Young '73
   In memory of Doreen Young

Sarah Booth Jacobs '07
Emilia Jovanovic '77
Kathleen Notestine Kasdorf '93 and Jason F. Kasdorf
Adam C. Keeble
   In honor of Peter Torkelson

Katharina Kempf '03
Laura Kessel '05
   In honor of Helen and George Gabriel


Harvey and Phyllis Klein
Elaine Klein '99
Adam La Faci '01
Lucas Lai '00
April Lee '01
Amelia Lepore Sessions '01
Barbara Letton '97
Michael Levin
Drew Levin '0
Deborah F. Loomis '68
Russell and Patricia Lovaas
   In memory of Robert L. Sweeney

Ann Lynnworth '80
Rahul Mahajan '98
Zack Mandell '03
Maya Matheis '03
Nang Hlaing Tin Maung '01
Christine Mermier '75
Nancy Friday '83 and Mark Miller '83
Peter Millis
   In honor of Lily Hiott-Millis

Piangpat Namtip '09
Michael George Nash '01
Dylan Neely '06
Sarah O'Connor '92
Christopher Olmstead '07
Shana O'Marra '93
Dennis and Susan O'Neil
Ada Palmer '97
Gillian Panchy
Sarah J. Parady '99
Lauren Payne-Riley '09
Benjamin Pender-Cudlip '01
Charles Powell '09
Beverly Hammond Quesenberry '96
Sadie Roosa '06
Gabriel Salgado '05
Holly Saxton Heyman '68
Elizabeth Erin Scalf '09
Julie Ryder Scherer '73
Kirk and Deborah Schumacher
Emily Schwab '09
David '74 and Kathleen Seidel
Emma Silverman '01
Donald Gardner Simms
Amy Ratoosh Simon '71
Roxann Slate '03
Seymour and Zoya Slive
Donna L. Smith
Anna Simpson Smith '09
Brian Joseph Smith '04
Brian Smith '04
Mark Solomon
   In memory of Lynn Christopher

Erica Spizz '94
Andrew and Sally Sussman
Adrienne Sussman '03
Stephanie Swales '00
Nicole Tennermann '05
   In memory of Bill Tennermann

Tara Treiber '93
Ethan Wattley '05
Sarah E. Williams '78
Pastor and Jesse Wolf
   In honor of Sharon Wolf Beck '76

Zachary Wright '01
Kwok and Gee Ying Kip
Melanie Zecca Casprowiak '91
Charlotte Zinsser Booth '69

Gifts in Kind
Robert and Yvonne Forman
Roy Lindstrom
Larry and Marianne Lynnworth

Enid W. Rothenberg
Dan Stoll