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Library CA Tasks

For all updates, Unfreeze the system, do the work, test the work, then re-freeze.

  • All three of the library public printers have duplexers, so all public computers should be set to default to double-sided printing.
    • For the PCs, this means: Unfreeze the system, log into the Admin account, and make sure the Printer Properties>Device Settings page has Duplexer set to installed for each printer.
    • Then log into the user account (still unfrozen!) and in the "Printing Preferences..." dialog for each printer set "Print on Both Sides" to "Flip on Long Edge".
  • While you are logged in to admin and unfrozen, you can run Microsoft Update" to have it install Office SP3 and anything else it needs.
  • There may be some Java updates, also.
  • Download and install Firefox 2.x.
    • After the install, log into the user account, and start up Firefox to have it update all its settings.
    • From the library databases page, open ArtStor and make sure popups are allowed:
    • Enter the !ARTStore digital library
    • Under "View Image Groups" choose a topic and category, and finally double-click on a picture to open it -- this is where you may get a popup warning. If so, allow popups for this site.
  • For Macs
    • Login as ITS and open System Properties>Printers, click the desired printer and "Printer Setup". Select "Installable Options" and check the box for Duplex.
    • Login to the user account, open Text Edit (or any other program) and choose File>Print...
    • In the Print dialog, select the printer, and choose "Layout" in the drop down. Set "Two Sided:" to "Long Edge Binding".
    • To make this a default, open the "Presets:" drop down and save this setting as "Two Sided". (I think you have to print to have it actually use this setting).
    • Also do System Updates and install Firefox 2.x, as above.