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Library Computer Setup

(See also Fisher Lab Computer Setup)

The computers for the library are set up with:

Note: the final three may need to be added to the Sept 2007 Windows machines.

Windows Only

  • Microsoft Update
  • SSH Secure Shell
  • Primo PDF
  • Windows SteadyState
  • DVD Software (as necessary)
  • F-Prot

Mac Only

Note: Redirect the My Documents folder to the "Thaw Space" partition.

The icon for Firefox needs to be set to "Library Home". Create shortcuts to "Library Catalog" and "Webmail" as well. (Go to the webpage, drag the little page out from the location bar.)

Firefox should allow popup windows from

Printers should be set up for the circulation desk, and computer lab (or pods, depending on the computer's location). The most appropriate printer should be set as default.

The homepage for Firefox should be set to

Automatic Windows Updates should be turned off. SteadyState will check for updates at 1:00AM (SteadyState should turn Automatic Updates off when you turn updates on inside of it directly.)

The lab user desktop should have links to My Documents titled "Save Files Here", Word, Excel, Acrobat, the DVD playing software (if applicable).

The lab user's Start Menu should have small icons, no commonly used programs, pinned links to Firefox, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and small icons. They should have access to printers but not to Control Panel, to Run, or to Help.

The ITS account should have a red background.

There should be a BIOS administrator password which is the same as the ITS account password. On the Dell machines, the computer should be set to only allow the "setup" key option on boot (it's under Boot Settings, POST or something like that). We do not want users to be able to (easily) boot to CDs.

When doing maintenance on these computers, if it is just installing a program or other things that can be done from the ITS account, simply log in, make the changes, and restart selecting "Save changes" and you should be set. If you need to make changes to the Lab account, go into SteadyState and turn off Locked Profile for Lab, turn off "restart on logout" for Lab (this will save you time), and set Disk Protection to "Keep all changes permanently." Log out, log into lab, make your changes, log back into ITS, change those settings back and reboot selecting "Save changes". It really is faster than Deep Freeze once you've done it a few times.