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New Mail Server 2007

Monday January 15, 2007

We've just discovered a configuration error that meant email sent to forwarded addresses was not being successfully forwarded until 1:10 PM (EST) today. An announcement is being sent to all people who had forwarded their Simon's Rock email. Instead of being forwarded, this email was simply delivered locally. Which means that users can login to webmail at to see the mail that wasn't correctly forwarded. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Friday morning, January 12, 2007

The migration of our mailserver has been completed. For those interested in the technical details, the old server was running courier and the new one is running dovecot. This means there are several slight differences, but depending on which client you use to access mail, you may or may not notice issues. If you do have problems, we recommend that you try our webmail at for the moment. We'll post more information here about how to manage the namespace issues soon, but please do contact us by emailing its or calling x7645 if you have a problem.

Filters: If you have set up filters in your mail client to move mail to different mailboxes, it will probably be necessary to modify each filter to reset the mailbox location, since the way the folders appear to be nested is different in our new configuration.

IMAP Mailbox Folder Locations Changed: Before this server upgrade, each user's IMAP mailboxes on the server were located inside of the user's INBOX mailbox. With the new server, the IMAP mailboxes on the server are not within INBOX, but rather are in the user's top-level Maildir directory. This includes the special mailboxes "Sent", "Drafts", and "Trash"; as well as any mailboxes created by the user. This change requires adjustments for any mail clients that have user commands to set the location of these special mailboxes, such as Mac Mail (see notes below).

New Mailboxes: For best results, do not create new mailboxes inside of your INBOX. Instead, create them at the top directory level.

Mailbox Names for Webmail: When you create new IMAP mailboxes with a mail client program such as Thunderbird or, be sure that the mailbox name does not begin or end with a space character, e.g. "Bad End " and " Bad Start" will not work for webmail, but "Good Name" is fine. If such a mailboxes are created, they may work on the local computer, but will give an error if opened from the webmail interface.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) required

Although our policy has been to require SSL, the new mail server is more strict about enforcing this requirement. If you can not get or can not send email, please check the following settings for your account:

  • Our mail server for both incoming and outgoing mail is


  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP): Server port 465, Use SSL with Password Authentication
  • Incoming Mail: Use SSL.
    • via IMAP: Server Port 993
    • via POP: Server Port 995

Macintosh Changes for IMAP accounts

On the previous server, your Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders, as well as any folders you created, were sub-folders of INBOX. On the new server, these folders are at the top level. will now show any folders you have created as a group below the standard Inbox, Sent, and Trash folders.

If you have some folders that are local on your Mac instead of on the server, then any folders you have on the server will be grouped under an @ icon with the name of your account, e.g. "@ SR IMAP". If you see this icon, click the triangle to the left of it to see a list of your folders.

If you are storing your sent mail, trash, or drafts on the server, as is recommended, you will need to identify the new server folders for these types of mail. For example, for Sent Mail, select the "sent" folder in the list of folders on the server, and then choose the menu command "Mailbox>Use this mailbox for...>Sent". Do the same to identify the other special mailboxes.

If you previously had, e.g. your Sent mail on a local folder instead of on the server, then when you first set the preference to keep sent mail on the server (via the check boxes at Mail>Preferences:Accounts:Mailbox Behaviors) your previous sent mail will be in a local folder named "Sent Measages (your-account-name)" Either keep this old mail local, or drag it to the new sent mail folder on the server.

More Mac Mail Details.

Vacation messages

The vacation message functionality is now working again. If you're a faculty or staff person and want to set a vacation message you can go to to do this.

Planned Changes

Beginning with this migration, your mailbox will have disk space quotas established. Quotas will allow us to manage the disk space on the server, since we will be automatically informed as mailboxes fill up, and we can plan for adding disk space as needed. Quotas also avoid the possibility of a single user suddenly filling all available free space, which would prevent other users from receiving new mail.

When the size of your mailbox grows past the "soft limit", both you and ITS staff will be notified via email that you have exceeded your space allocation. You will be able to continue to receive mail. It is important for you to contact us if or when this happens. If the "soft limit" has been continuously exceeded for a period of 14 days or if the "hard limit" has been reached, you will not be able to receive any e-mail, and any e-mail addressed to you will be bounced to its sender. You will receive an automated notice every day that your mailbox exceeds its "soft limit".

If you have any questions, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at x7371 or email us at