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Configuring Thunderbird (text only)

Setting Up a New Account

  • Click the Add Accout button below the leftmost pane
  • Select the radio button for e-mail account and hit the Next > button in the lower, right-hand corner


  • Enter your name and e-mail address in the fields labeled Your Name and Email Address respectively
  • Click the Next > button

Server Information

  • Select the IMAP radio button
  • Type into both the Incoming Server and Ougoing Server fields - DO NOT change the default port!
  • Click the Next > button

User Names

  • In both the Incoming Username and Outgoing Username fields, type your Simon's Rock username (example: jsmith09)
  • Click the Next > button

Account Name

  • Enter the desired label for the mailbox for use in Thunderbird
  • Click the Next > button
  • Click the Finish button

Configure the Outgoing Server

  • Open the Accounts window: click on the Tools menu and click on Account Settings
  • Select Outgoing Server in the leftmost pane
  • Make sure is in the Server Name field, and 465 is entered into the Port field
  • Check the box labeled Use name and password
  • Select the radio button SSL under the Use Secured Connection option

The final step is to accept our SSL certificate.

  •     Click  Get Mail
  •     When prompted about an untrusted SSL certificate, compare to make sure it matches the CA at
  •  Choose to Accept this Certificate Forever (or whatever similar language is used) and click OK