SwimAmerica Swim Lessons

  • Bottoms/Up Pool Platform: All children’s lessons are conducted on the patented Bottoms/Up Pool Platform. These tools facilitate learning and create a comfortable, safe environment for swimmers. We are the only facility in the Northeast to use these platforms.
  • Wetsuit Vests: Available to all children involved with any swim lessons. Designed to fit children from seven months to seven years, these vests are very effective in keeping the young swimmer’s core warm.
  • Open Swim: Swim lesson participants may use the pool for open swim during all regular pool hours. An adult must supervise participants at all times and are invited to swim with his or her child. This offer is available only while a child is actively enrolled in classes.
    Daily Fee: Adults $10, Children $5, Families $20
  • Family Discount: To help families of multiple children with the expense of these most important safety classes, we have instituted the following discounts when children are registered at the same time.
    1st child - full price, 2nd child - 5% discount, 3rd child - 10% discount, etc.
School-Age Lessons -- Age: 5 and up
This program is goal-driven and technique-oriented, with emphasis on good swimming form. With personal attention helping the most reluctant swimmer feel comfortable, our 10 teaching stations will take your child from bubbles to butterfly. Families enjoy multilevel instruction on a walk-in basis. Eight half-hour classes.
Stations 1–5: Saturdays, 11:05 & 11:45 am, Begins 9/20, Ends 11/22. No classes 10/18
Stroke School (Stations 6-10): 40 minute sessions. Saturdays, 10:20 a.m. Begins 9/20, Ends 11/22. No classes 10/18
Registration Fee: 8 classes: Members $70, Nonmembers $86. 4 class packs available. *BE AWARE – You must complete the classes by November 22. Classes do not carry to the next session.
Parent/Infant Swim Class -- Age: 7 months to 2 years
With a parent’s assistance, the class helps infants develop a love of the aquatic environment and trains them to respond to an aquatic emergency. Goal orientated songs and games teach your baby essential safety skills. 5 half-hour classes with one make-up class that becomes a bonus class if you make all 6.
Tuesdays, 4:30 p.m.
Begins 9/23, Ends 10/28
Registration Fee: Members $70, Nonmembers $85
Preschool Swim Lessons -- Age: 3 & 4 years
This class focuses on personal safety and swimming techniques and builds on floating skills and water comfort emphasizing rudimentary strokes. Your child will practice the “roll-over,” the most important water safety skill. This class will set a strong foundation for a lifetime of great swimming.
Saturdays, 10:00 & 10:30 a.m.
Begins 9/20, Ends 10/25
Registration Fee: Members $70, Nonmembers $85
Private Swim Lessons -- Age: 3 and up
For people who would like to utilize our expert instructional staff on an individual basis, private lessons can be arranged through Bill Meier at 413-528-7776.
Private Lesson Fees: Members: $30 per half-hour; Non-members: $40 per half-hour
Discounted package rates available!
Snappers Swim Team
The Snappers Swim Team is a growing team of young athletes ages 5 to 18. Practice groups based on experience, ability level, and commitment create a comfortable learning and training environment for swimmers of all levels from novice to elite. Each group has specific practice times and swimmers must attend the minimum requirement of practices for their respective group. If you are interested in our community swim team, call Head Coach Jim Hennessey 413-528-7775
The 2014 Fall Season begins September 22nd