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2014 Biggest Loser Competition – The Final Results!


Another challenge has come and gone. With the passing weeks, the 35 participants threw away a lot of unwanted pounds and bad habits! This 5th Biggest Loser challenge was designed to be the “biggest”, “baddest” and most intense yet. A look back at two months of competition shows this was exactly how it played out.

Seven teams of five started their journey to health on January 12th. Their task was to lose the highest percentage of weight, as a team, by March 9th. The reward? A pot of money totaling $1,875! The teams tackled difficult workouts, eye opening discussions and workshops and several crazy team challenges along the way. A big part of this challenge also forced the participants to “get real” with themselves and focus their motivation, and thus weight loss progress on intrinsic forces. That perhaps proved to be the biggest challenge of all.

This group persevered though. Little by little, they began to see changes in their bodies as the pounds and inches melted off. Adding in exercise from classes, Personal Training sessions or team workouts made huge differences in their energy levels, stamina and strength. Incorporating healthy, well balanced snacks and meals created the caloric deficit they needed to succeed. This group had a high level of commitment, consistency and eagerness for change. By the end of the challenge, not one participant had dropped out, a very surprising feat. It was truly a pleasure to work with each and every one of them.

In the end, it was the yellow team that won the pot of money and the title, “The Biggest Losers!” This was a team that was highly motivated and focused from the very beginning and their work as a team really made the difference for them to take the title. The team was comprised of Brandon Bennett, Diane Arnold, Sindy Holmes, Suzanne Bressler and Ellen Mammen. As a group, they lost 120.1 lbs – a whole person! This was 11.7% off their starting weight! They also lost an astonishing 55 inches combined! It wasn’t just the yellow team that was racking up the lost pounds though. All of the participants worked their butts off! At the end of the challenge, 27 out of 35 or 77%, had lost AT LEAST 5% of their body weight AND AT LEAST 10lbs! Individual losers lost as much as 42lbs and 18% of their body weight!

And where are they now – a month later? Still working! New to The Biggest Loser 5 is the Maintenance Program. An important lesson to learn for these participants, and all others seeking to lose weight, is that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifetime goal. It is a road that never ends and one that we are always traveling, one step at a time. The Maintenance Program was designed to keep the participants focused, on track with their goals, and to give them the support they need without the pressure of the competition. This program runs through June 9th and includes a weekly weigh in and a monthly workshop and discussion.

Do you think you could be the next Biggest Loser? If you are ready to make a serious commitment to change your health and your life, then we are ready to have you! Stay tuned to our website for an announcement of the dates for The Biggest Loser 6! If you have questions or would like more info, please contact Rebecca Hunter, Fitness Director at (413)528-7774 or

Here are a few testimonials from participants of The Biggest Loser 5.

“The greatest motivating factor throughout this challenge has been the support of my team, not the prize at the end. The awareness of mutual sacrifice and determination, coupled with the accountability of sharing the experience with others pushed me to get up and move each day. Being a competitive person, I knew that I couldn't let my team down. And having set a goal to lose 15% of my body weight, I didn't want to let myself down. The weekly weigh-ins kept me focused, always working towards a short-term goal and not getting discouraged by all the weight still left to lose. I am so glad to have had this opportunity and so grateful that “tomorrow” has arrived. Finally I can move on with the rest of my life, focused on being healthy and happy today, and every day. “

“Before I started the Biggest Loser Challenge 8 weeks ago I was a very sad, lost woman. I felt like a failure to myself, my friends, my family. I saw the ad in the newspaper for the BL and I thought this was my chance to do something big. I was very nervous and embarrassed to sign up, to put myself out there, to admit I have a problem and needed help. I am so thankful I did. The BL has changed my life. Rebecca's plan and support for us has changed my life. I took advantage of the classes offered to me, and each week got stronger and stronger, and lost more and more weight. By the end of this challenge I am down 30+ pounds and extremely proud of my success. I feel like a new woman, I feel like I have my life back, I feel like I can walk with my head held high. I have signed up for a year membership and will continue to work hard each week in Rebecca's morning classes and Zumba with Donna. Thank You Rebecca! “

“Thanks so much for the terrific job you have done with your leadership and expertise. It's clear you put everything you've got into making it a great and effective experience. Honestly I was skeptical I'd be able to handle the program, given all the arthritis pain, but you really made it possible- and even fun.”

“I particularly like the “Early Riser “class. It was short and lively. I often added a walk on the track and was home by 8am, ready to start my day. When we first started, it was pitch dark and the moon was on the horizon. This last week, it was light out and the sun was up – like our progress these past eight weeks.”