“The first week of classes I hadn’t decided on a final schedule so I went to every class I wanted to take. I really liked the idea of Nancy Bonvillain’s Language of Power, but the first module of that course was Language and Gender. I decided to check it out even though I didn’t think I’d want to take it.

Nancy came in and started talking about why we study language, why it matters, about different aspects of gendered language and how we encounter it every day. It was amazing. I looked back over my notes and I had scribbled TAKE THIS CLASS all over the page. After I took the class, I couldn’t turn off what I learned.

It can really complicate things. All of the classes here do. They deepen and expand something because learning here is reflexive, it challenges you. It has made me a better citizen of this place, and of everywhere I go. I think that may be what this is all about: becoming a better world citizen. It can be uncomfortable but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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