Provost Peter Laipson Welcomes First-Years to Campus

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“It's a privilege to be here, and I look forward with great excitement to working together in the years to come.”

Provost Laipson arrived on campus over the summer and quickly zeroed in on what’s distinctive about Bard College at Simon’s Rock: The academic engagement of the College’s students. Addressing new students and their families on Arrival Day, he admitted he’d been “waiting with great anticipation to seeing actual students on campus—that’s the reason we’re here, after all.”

Before students arrived,  Laipson began his work by meeting with stakeholders—faculty, staff, the Board of Overseers, alumni, friends of the College, and the local community—to develop a fresh sense of what’s needed and to lay out his vision for Simon’s Rock. The takeaway: Laipson is inspired by Simon’s Rock’s strong sense of history and identity as an early college. The close relationships between faculty and students stand out.  And he’s impressed by the strength of the school’s place in the Bard system and its many partnerships with international organizations.

“My enthusiasm about the year ahead was born when I first learned about Simon’s Rock and that has only grown as I’ve come to know the faculty, staff, and program of the college,” Laipson told the crowd. “It’s a privilege to be here, and I look forward with great excitement to getting to know you and working together in the weeks, months, and years to come.”