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Colbert Report
President of the College Leon Botstein was on The Colbert Report

Daily Herald
Junior Lucy Zipple ’08 represented Bard College at Simon’s Rock in a piece on early colleges at Suburban Chicago’s Daily Herald

 Harper's Bazaar
Ronan Farrow ’99 was listed as a “Name to Know in 2011” at Harper’s Bazaar

Eli Pariser ’96, busy writing a book on the internet and participatory democracy, took time to talk with Salon about his new work

Minnesota Public Radio
From Minnesota Public Radio: musician Meg Hutchinson ’96 performed at the Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference

Martin Dosh ’89 performed with Andrew Bird at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Mad Men
Susan May Pratt ’90 acted in a recent Mad Men episode, “Hands and Knees”

New York Times
Jessica Mah ’06 and her tech start-up, InDinero, made the news at The New York Times

Mark Clifford ’74 wrote an article in Beijing-based newspaper Caixin on what modern China can learn from Germany’s past

John McWhorter ’83 was on Bloggingheads, NPR-affiliate WNYC, and reviewed Condoleezza Rice’s memoir in The New York Times

Valley Advocate
Alums Carissa Dagenais ’07, Abigail Edber ’06, and Richard Vaden ’04 performed in Scheherazade Theater’s production of Beth Henley’s Abundance

Republican Herald
Dr. Samina Wahhab ’84 got a nod in Pottsville, PA’s Republican Herald