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Samuel Ruhmkorff

Faculty in Social Sciences

Expertise: Early college; education for the gifted; philosophy

Dr. Ruhmkorff’s areas of specialization are philosophy of science and epistemology. His research examines the nature and strength of scientific evidence, and the foundations of probabilistic belief and inference. He received an outstanding graduate student instructor award from the Rackham School of Graduate Studies, as well as the John Dewey Prize from his department for excellence in teaching. He was a visiting assistant professor at University of Missouri in 2000-2001 where he taught courses on contemporary philosophy, advanced epistemology, and ethics. He has given a number of scholarly presentations, including “Accuracy and Vague Opinion” for the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and “Underdetermination and antirealism” for the Central States Philosophical Association. His publications include “Reliabilism and Inference to the Best Explanation,” in Mistakes of Reason, University of Toronto Press, and “Avoiding Certain Frustration, Reflection, and the Cable Guy Paradox,” in Philosophical Studies, with Brian Kierland and Bradley Monton. Dr. Ruhmkorff became Simon’s Rock’s Dean of Academic Affairs in 2005. AB summa cum laude, Washington University, MA, PhD, The University of Michigan.

Phone: 413-528-7240