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Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation includes Simon’s Rock founder Elizabeth Blodgett Hall

GT BARRINGTON, MA– The Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation, a new part of the Berkshire museum, will debut on March 29. The hall features innovators from the Berkshires, including Simon’s Rock founder Elizabeth Blodgett Hall.  The new Hall  features prominent historical figures who lived in the Berkshires, such as Herman Melville, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Elizabeth Freeman. 
The display on Elizabeth Blodgett Hall’s early college mentions her accomplishments in the field of education. Hall graduated from Radcliffe College in 1946, while raising her four children. When she relocated back to the Berkshires in the 1960’s, Hall decided to transform her family’s estate into an early college. Simon’s Rock history is briefly addressed, including the merge with Bard College in 1984. 
The Berkshire Museum reopens on March 29, 2008, after being closed for construction and renovation.  “From science and business, to politics and education, to the arts and culture, the Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation features local thinkers from all across time.”