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Climate change researcher will consult with faculty and teach

GREAT BARRINGTON, MA – Gidon Eshel has joined Bard College at Simon’s Rock as Bard Center Faculty Fellow.  Eshel arrived on the Gt. Barrington campus prior to the beginning of this semester and immediately began to consult with faculty on the development of an interdisciplinary science seminar.

Eshel earned his PhD in physical oceanography from Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University; his dissertation topic was “Coupling of deep water formation and the general circulation: A case study of the Red Sea.” His postdoctoral appointments include Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Harvard University.  He earned his BA from Haifa University/Technion in 1988.

 Eshel came to Simon’s Rock from the University of Chicago to play a part in the implementation of the Math and Science Initiative, a project that includes the Science Seminar in the fall semester.

The interdisciplinary Science Seminar, team taught and now underway, is addressing the topic of Eshel’s research: global climate change.  Topics to be addressed are the heat budget of the Earth (the balance of incoming and outgoing radiation), the greenhouse effect, past climate change, climate modeling, the carbon cycle, and the impact of global climate change on human society and the biological world.

As assistant professor at the University of Chicago, Eshel taught such courses as Geophysical Data Analysis, the Atmosphere and Ocean in Motion, Mathematical Methods in Ecology, and Paleontology and the Planetary Footprint of Farming and Food Production. The last class included a field component.

Among his projects at Chicago, Eshel co-authored a 2006 study that brought him much media attention. Featured in the April, 2007, Wall Street Journal article “Pound by Pound, Dollar for Dollar, the Complicated Equation for Going Green,” as well other national publications, the study deals with how particular food choices play a significant role in global climate change.

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