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Faculty in Science, Mathematics and Computing

David Reed Myers (Division Head), PhD, Princeton University, Chemistry and Mathematics

Yahya Al-Khatatbeh, PhD, New Mexico State University, Materials Science and Geophysics

Michael Bergman, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Physics

Emmanuel Dongala, Richard B. Fisher Chair in Natural Sciences, Doctorat de Spécialité, Université of Strasbourg; Doctorat-ès-Sciences, Université des Sciences et Techniques à Montpelier (France), Chemistry

Patricia A. Dooley, PhD, Vanderbilt University, Chemistry

William D. Dunbar, PhD, Princeton University, Mathematics

Eric Kramer, PhD, University of Chicago, Physics

Erin McMullin, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, Biology

Susan Mechanic-Meyers, PhD, New York University Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Biology

Catherine Pfaff, PhD Candidate, Rutgers University, Mathematics

Donald R. Roeder, PhD, Iowa State University, Environmental Studies and Biology

Robert E. Schmidt, PhD, University of Connecticut, Environmental Studies and Zoology

Paul Shields, PhD, Fordham University, Computer Science

Robert L. Snyder, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Mathematics

Courtney Thatcher, PhD, University of Chicago, Mathematics

Brian Wynne, PhD, Wesleyan University, Mathematics