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Newsroom Feature Story Series Table of Contents

"Building a Different World: Allegories, Folk Tales and Design"

Jacob Meier
French & Francophone Studies, Biology
Happily Ever Apéritif: Food in Fairy Tails

Alec Schmidt
Biology, Chemistry
My Fish is Swim:
Analysis of Fish Locomotion Through Fluid Dynamics,
Physiology and Applied Robotics

Francis Whitesell
Philosophical Studies, Literary Studies
Olympian Twilight:
An Investigation into the Treatment of
Philosophical Questions in Allegorical Literature

Otto Stockmeier
Literary Studies
Within a Forest:
Film, Theory and Process

Victor Mateas
Designing an Internal Attachment for Refrigerators
Storing Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

"Can You Hear Me Now? Identity, Communication and Creation"

Harrison Thurman
Literary Studies
Simple and Impossible:
The Stories and Novels of Jonathan Safran Foer

Kathryn O'Keefe
Drawing, Painting and Printmaking
An Exploration of the Mexican Rural Movement Viewed
Through the Lens of the Syndicate's Manifesto

Lily Ruffner
Transparency: Writings on Dance

Harry Marker
Literary Studies, Creative Writing
Textual Harassment

Elisabeth Groebel
Psychology, Literary Studies
The Persistence of Desire:
Passion and the Prosaic in John Updike's Fiction

Isaac Gabriel Salgado
Social Action/Social Change, Latin American Immigration Studies
The Curious Case of the Cosmic Race:
Mestizaje and National Identity in Post-Revolutionary Mexico

Jessica Li
Ceramics, Sculpture & 3-D Design
Strange Fruit:
An Exploration of Cultural Difference
Through Figurative Ceramics

Laura Kessel
A Look at Autism and Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Nicole W. Tennerman
Psychology, Spanish & Latin American Studies
Youth-Staff Relationships in Juvenile Correctional Facilities:
An Institutional Ethnography of the Black Canyon School

Laura Wing Yee Cheung
Historical Studies, Literary Studies
Un-Nailin' Palin:
On the Making and Unmaking of a Woman in Politics

"Play, or State of the Play"

Stephen Torres
Cultural Studies, American Studies
Constructions of Race, Gender, Sexuality and
Space in Professional Skateboard Media

John Patrick Reardon
Psychology, Photographs
Simulations, Modeling and Video Games:
An Introduction to Interactive Computer Media and Its Applications

Noah Peseckis
Politics, Law & Society
A New Social Model:
Social and Economic Analysis Through Internet Gaming

Rivka Borek
Theater Performance
A Fine Way to Hang Oneself
and Vamoose:
Two Plays

Don Hartwell
Henry V:
A Study in Lighting and Set Design

"Little Things and Big Things"

Christopher Grace
Biology, Ecology
The Role of Symbiosis in the Formation of Organisms

Dan Copulsky
Creative Writing, Literary Studies
Little Things: A Novel in Fragments

Liam Jesse Slivka
Music, Physics
The Effects of Solidification and Deformation Processes on
the Crystal Morphology and Orientation of the Earth's Inner Core

Timothy Kowalski
Ceramics, Sculpture & 3-D Design
A Single Drop of Self in an Ocean of Illusion

Del Slane
Pre-Engineering, Computer Science
Fault Localization in In Vivo Software Testing

Kat Corcoran
Little Things:
A Study of Branchiobdellid Annelids

Sarah Perkins
Biology, Quantitative Studies
Sociocultural Influences on the Future of Human Evolution

Andrew Perpetua
An Introduction to Intelligence and Information

Darryl Burns II
On the Integer Quantum Hall Effect

Burton Gaiseb
Geography, Regional Studies, & Globalization Theory
Large Carnivores and Community-Based Conservation in Namibia

"An Alternative Guide to Simon's Rock"

Noah Appelbaum
Music, Theater

Leila Duncan
Biology, Ecology
Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Berkshires

Phyu Hninn Nyein
Biology, Mathematics
Tick-tock Goes the Clock:
A Study on Circadian Rhythms

Julian Rex Staller
A Simon's Rock Aquaponics System

Maung Kyaw Moe Tun
Chemistry, Biology
Comparative Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities and
Total Phenol Contents of Several Bracket Fungi

"Culture Clash: Where the West Begins"

Kori Higgins
Cultural Studies, Political Studies
In the Name of Honor:
An Examination of Honor-Based Violence in Western Europe

Rozan Abdulrahman
Biology, Cross-Cultural Relations
Man and Nature:
Environmental Management and the Spread of Malaria and Cholera in Iraq

Nene Jalloh
Social Action/Social Change
Migration and Identity:
The Lives of West African Women in the United States

Christina Horton
Politics, Law and Society
Fantasies of African Suffering

Erling Thompson
Political Studies
Market Economics:
Finance, Technology and Regulation

Su Hlaing Win Nu
Asian Studies, Chinese
Traveling Patterns and Motivations:
A Study of Chinese and American Tourists

Dara Levy-Bernstein
Social Action/Social Change; Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics
Lands on the Edge of Land:
Imagining Jewish Peoplehood and Attachment to Israel

Jaime Barak
Historical Studies, European Studies
Don't Judge a Man by the Words of His Mother,
Listen to the Comments of his Neighbors:
Interactions Between Jews and Ukrainians in Nineteenth-Century Galicia

Jennifer Goodwillie
Environmental Studies, Geography, Regional Studies, and Globalization Theory
Should've Been a Cowboy:
The Construction of gender and Race in the Great American Wilderness

Brendan Flynn
Politics, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Labyrinths of the Object:
The Strange Case of Nietzche's Wagner