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Delve into the classical foundations of Western culture and its vocabulary, as you learn the language of Virgil, Cicero, Horace, Catullus, and Tacitus. Intermediate students focus on Virgil’s Aeneid and stage a Roman comedy, and you are given the opportunity to design their own independent or small-group tutorial.

Related Career paths

Students with a concentration in economics may enter into such fields as education, human resources, international relations specialist, museum curator, translation, and interpretation.

Course Spotlight

Three latin students smiling in classroom.

Latin 204: Intermediate Latin II: Roman Civilization and Comedy

This course is designed for students who have completed Latin 204 or have had the equivalent of one semester’s experience in reading extended Latin texts. The reading for this course consists of at least one Roman comedy, either of Plautus or Terence. Most of the comedies of Plautus and Terence are read in English translation during the semester, and discussion—in class and in short papers—of Roman culture, the literary genre and its techniques and conventions is an integral part of the course. Sections of the play are usually publicly performed in Latin by the students during the second half of the semester. Prerequisite: Latin 204 or its equivalent (see instructor for placement).

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