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Upstate Medical University (BA/MD)

Go to medical school as a well-trained and intellectually curious, creative problem-solver.

Earn a BA from Simon’s Rock—in pre-med or another concentrationand then matriculate directly into Upstate Medical University. No MCAT required.

Designed for Students Who’d Rather Test Assumptions Than Take Standardized Tests

Whether you focus on pre-med at Simon’s Rock or a different area of study, you’ll have the freedom to shape a curriculum that reflects your particular interests. For some, that means an intense immersion in biology or chemistry. For others, it includes supplemental explorations into psychology, computer science, gender studies, ecology, or other fields.

Instead of rote memorization, you’ll prepare to lead the advancement of medical practice. And when you graduate, you’ll matriculate directly into Upstate Medical University’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program.

The appeal of the Liberal Arts Education offered by Simon’s Rock is that the students emerge, not with simply a body of facts, but the broad intellectual background and training to apply their learning to the entire patient and the situation at hand.

-David Myers,
Pre-Medical Advisor

The Upstate Medical University Experience

As a student at Upstate Medical University, you’ll join a community with the same values that bring you to Simon’s Rocka commitment to diversity and inclusion, to student empowerment, and to making a positive impact on the world.

You’ll learn to practice medicine alongside doctors using the most advanced technology and techniques. You’ll interact with diverse population groups and get exposure to various medical settings and procedures through the University’s affiliations with nearby hospitals.

Outside of class, you’ll have opportunities to explore the city of Syracuse, participate in the University’s student-run organizations and clubs, or volunteer through the Center for Civic Engagement.

Apply to Upstate Medical University

As a student at Simon’s Rock, you’ll have time to decide if medical school is right for you. For the first year, you’ll take core courses and explore future career paths. 

If you do choose to do the BA/MD program, you’ll communicate that interest to your academic advisor during the Moderation process in your third semester.

Prepare for Medical School, Your Way

The MCAT is waived for students admitted to the BA/MD program. Freed from standardized test-taking and a laborious admissions process, you’ll spend the rest of your time at Simon’s Rock focused on what really mattersnurturing your inherent desire to explore, discover, and make connections. Not surprisingly, these are the exact qualities you need to excel in medical school and as a doctor.

Your preparation begins with foundational courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, calculus, and statistics, as well as a significant volunteer experience that brings you into direct contact with patients and physicians in a healthcare settingperhaps shadowing a physician, obtaining the EMT-b or advanced certification, or acting as a medical scribe. From there, you’ll work closely with an academic advisor to chart an educational pathway that connects your particular interests to the study and advancement of medicine. 

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