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High School in Two Years

The conventional American high school is locked into structures, pacing, and curricula that don’t work for everyone.

Student reviews work with faculty member

Students who are driven to explore their potentials earlier often find it challenging to thrive when their junior and senior years are filled with the distractions of standardized tests, applying to colleges, and taking classes that enhance their admission prospects but don’t always engage their real interests.

The Bard Academy Alternative

At Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock, we have a different philosophy. We know that two years of concentrated studying in a boarding high school context gives our students a sense of intellectual fulfillment and provides them the qualifications and accomplishments to begin college after the 10th grade. Our enriched curriculum and student-centered teaching style allows students to graduate with an Associates Degree when most of their peers are just graduating high school. In addition, consolidating secondary and undergraduate education into six years rather than eight can mean significant cost savings to a student’s family.

A shared campus, a powerful network

To give our students the right building blocks for a full, meaningful experience, Bard Academy shares a faculty and all campus resources with Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Bard Academy is one of very few private high schools with college-quality facilities dedicated to arts, science and technology, and research and scholarship, as well as health, community, and athletics.

Bard Academy and Simon’s Rock belong to a family of early college programs within the global liberal arts network of Bard College, and the Bard Academy approach is based on the successful examples of the Bard High School Early College programs in New York City, New Jersey, and Ohio. These programs, which were founded by Simon’s Rock Faculty, and which are grounded in decades of innovative early college programming at Simon’s Rock, offer students who are ready to learn and succeed an early start on both a college and life-long education.