Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Baking at the White House with Brian

Sunday, May 2

White House

All students are invited to join Brian for an exciting baking tradition!

From Brian:
My grandma Brown baked on Sundays - all the baked goods for the week for a family of seven - from bread to cookies, cakes, and pie. My mom still talks about all the wonderful things grandma made, but what I remember most was that there were always cookies in the cookie jar when we would visit.

In collaboration with the Center for Food Studies, I'm inviting students to bake with me in the White House kitchen to cook up a baking tradition here at Simon's Rock. We'll get together every other week on Sunday afternoons. I'll have a co-host who wants to either share a favorite recipe or learn a new recipe. I'm partial to sweets, but savory bakes may also be on the menu. Because of Covid limitations, I can only have four students come bake with me each week.

Look for email announcements to sign up, no baking experience is necessary!

Not open to the public.