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Support Young Science Scholars at Simon’s Rock

Our summer research program produces some of the youngest published scientists in the world. Let’s give more students the chance to make an impact.


Watch now: Summer Science Research Scholars - Video by James Yu '13 (student project)


Each summer, our faculty members in the Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing hire students to do summer research. This research often leads to co-authorship of a published paper, making Simon’s Rock students some of the youngest published scientists in the world.

The opportunity to do cutting-edge research on campus not only helps our science students directly; it benefits the whole community. Projects like these help us attract and retain some of the world’s most innovative and motivated young scholars.

We need your help. We’d like to provide more students with the chance to do original research. Currently, our student research program is so popular that we get far more applicants than we can support.

Your donation of any amount makes a difference. Let us know you’re out there!

Here are some examples of how your money can support student research:

  • $100 helps students purchase much-needed software for their research
  • $1,000 supports us in updating our laboratory equipment in Fisher Science and Academic Center
  • $4,000 pays the salary of a summer student

Ready to become a supporter of the sciences? Please make a gift to strengthen our student research program — and consider using social media to spread the message and invite your friends to join you. With your help, we can enrich the lives of young scientists at Simon’s Rock.