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Giving Levels

The Fund for Simon’s Rock

When you give to the Fund for Simon’s Rock (aka The Annual Fund) you help talented, eager young learners take hold of an early college education that is available nowhere else. Contributions to the Fund for Simon’s Rock are essential to creating the rigorous intimacy and individualized opportunities for which Simon’s Rock is known. This kind of education impacts students professionally and personally for the rest of their lives.

Each year, the Fund for Simon’s Rock provides critical revenue equivalent to the income that would be generated by $44,000,000 in endowment. But you don’t need a mint to participate and make a difference.

  • A gift of $95 is comparable to the cost of providing the average annual financial aid grant to a Simon’s Rock student for one day.
  • A gift of $500 is comparable to the cost of books for one student per semester.
  • Gifts of $5,000 or more allows you to name your own one-year Annual Fund scholarship for a specific student.

Provost Circle

$1000 - $4999

Provost Circle members will receive a copy of the Book One selection, the book all first-year students read, as well as an invitation to the Book One author campus lecture.

Writing and Thinking Sponsors


Writing and Thinking Sponsors support a life-changing orientation week at Simon’s Rock for incoming students. The Writing and Thinking Workshop—a five day intensive for first-years held prior to the start of the fall semester—is a common experience intended to provide foundational skills in critical reading and writing, upon which students can build future scholarly work.

Annual Fund Scholar


With a gift of $5000 or more to the Simon’s Rock Annual Fund, you will be invited to name a one-year Annual Fund Scholarship to support a student with financial need.

  • Your scholarship will be announced to the Simon’s Rock community at Honors Convocation where the student you support will be recognized. You will be invited to attend Convocation and have the chance to meet your student in person.
  • The student supported by your scholarship will write you a personal note, sharing his or her progress at the College.
  • Your name will be listed in the Simon’s Rock Donor Report published online and in the winter issue of the Simon’s Rock Magazine.
  • You will have a direct and lasting impact of the life of an individual Simon’s Rock student.

Summer Research Stipend


You can provide funding for a Simon’s Rock student to conduct research with a faculty advisor for a period during the summer months. This competitive program offers the opportunity for students from all fields of study to become immersed full-time in a research topic.

Faculty Excellence Awards


With a gift of $7500 or more, you can sponsor a Simon’s Rock professor as they advance their inspired scholarship and extraordinary teaching. Faculty apply to the dean of Academic Affairs for awards to fund projects, research, and activities that promote professional development, excellence in teaching and service to the community.

Division Sponsorship

$10,000+Two alumni on swing

Become a Division Sponsor by underwriting a portion of the costs associated with rich curricular modules such as the Pro-Seminar Visiting Scholar program, Exhibitions program and research opportunities.

Theater Production Sponsor


Underwrite the Theater Program’s Productions, one per semester.

South Berkshire Concert Series Sponsor


Underwrite the South Berkshire Concerts, a series that brings distinguished professional artists to campus several times each semester.