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Fitness Center

The Fitness Center has state of the art equipment. There’s almost never a wait to use a machine. Members come here for great workouts, and leave with increased strength and flexibility, more energy, improved cardiovascular health, and the motivation to keep coming back.

Fitness ROom

Members are excited to work out here: they make friends and find new challenges for themselves. Our staff is comprised of the most experienced, best trained professionals in the area. Think of them as partners in working towards—and learning how to maintain—long-term fitness goals.

The Fitness Center offers an expansive inventory of equipment including:

  • A full circuit of HOIST strength machines
  • Up to date cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bicycles, Stairmaster and  Concept II rowing machines
  • An assisted pull-up/dip machine
  • 2-sided and 4-sided cable pulley systems
  • Torque Multi-use Rig system
  • A Smith machine
  • Flat and incline bench presses
  • Free weights ranging from 3 lbs-100 lbs
  • Multiple free weight benches
  • Wide array of functional equipment such as stability balls, medicine balls and resistance bands.
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