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Request to Rent Campus Facilities

Rent Simon’s Rock facilities for your event.

Use the form below to submit your request.

Contact Information

Event Details

Not all our buildings are fully accessible for differently abled people.
Consider an open plan hall that allows for flexible seating arrangements or a lecture hall with secured seats.
Additional costs will apply.


After a review of your request you will be contacted about the options available, if any, as well as additional information and policies about renting facilities at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

Rental Policies

  • Smoking is not permitted on campus.
  • Simon’s Rock is a dry campus during the academic year and no alcohol is permitted on campus during that time.
  • The group leader is responsible for leaving the facility clean and as it was set-up for your use.
  • Occasionally, the campus is closed (e.g. for weather) and if this happens all events scheduled to take place on the campus that day will be canceled.