Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Meet the Staff

Front Desk

General Inquiries

Sue Lyon

Vice Provost and Dean of Bard Academy

Brady McCartney

Dean of Campus Life

Mickey Spaulding

Associate Dean of Campus Life

Valerie Fanarjian

Director of Activities and Dolliver House Support RD

Drew Melendez

Residence Director, Kendrick House

Rochelle Duffy

Residence Director, Upper Campus

Carson Pursifull

Residence Director, Upper Campus

Sherri Brown

Residence Director, The Mods

Lisa Donahue

Residence Director, Crosby House

Betsy Johnson

Residence Director, Crosby House

Leah Nunke

Residence Director, Crosby House

Brandon Paré

Residence Director, Dolliver House

Olivia Keithley

Residence Director, Hill House

Mark Williams

Residence Director, Hill House

Eric Hayden

Faculty in Residence, Academy

Amanda Landi

Faculty in Residence, Academy

After hours, the staff member on-call can be reached through Campus Safety: 413-528-7291