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Achievements and Work

Rockers are an impressive bunch. They work hard and they’re excited to see their ideas in action. They distinguish themselves by taking risks and taking on big, interesting projects. In the gallery, in the lab, in poem cycles and academic papers, fieldwork and filmmaking—Rockers push boundaries and discover how much there is to gain from putting their work out there.

All of our seniors complete a year-long senior thesis, but there are plenty of opportunities at every level for independent and collaborative accomplishments that stand out.

There’s no telling what you can accomplish when you take your ideas seriously at Simon’s Rock.

Ready to step up and stand out? 



This year's Fulbright scholars 

There's a strong legacy of Fulbright Scholars at Simon's Rock. This year, Marissa and Zara join the ranks—together, of course.

A Berkshire internship, back in Beijing

I'm gaining a deep understanding of the changes of PBC's monetary policies [of the last] 15 years. This summer is a great experience for me.

-Cindy '13

When Cindy was researching internships in the US, she thought she’d be spending the summer away from her family’s home in Beijing. Then she landed a position with Berkshire Publishing Group, a Great Barrington company that just happens to have a strong and respected specialization in international education and Chinese topics—and a second office in Beijing. Now, Cindy assists the CEO, proofreads an upcoming encyclopedia and researches new projects, all while being able to visit friends and family back home in Beijing. She’s also working on a research assistantship with her Simon’s Rock economics professor studying the People’s Bank of China, collecting data to produce original graphs for an upcoming paper.

senior thesis on fire

The impetus for this thesis was to create a project that continued my previous work from my concentrations in geography and ceramics and to strengthen a connection I felt between them. The focus of this thesis became the understanding of the fire regimes occurring within Portugal through the creation and presentation of tiles inspired by the traditional Portuguese practice of azulejo.