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Donald R. Roeder

Faculty Emeritus in Environmental Studies and Botany


BA, University of New Hampshire
MS, PhD, Iowa State University

Dr. Roeder was a consultant to the Canadian government for an environmental-impact study of the oil and gas pipelines in the Northwest Territories. He was assistant director of the environmental studies internship program on Cyprus for the Cypriot government and Iowa State University. Dr. Roeder is treasurer of Berkshire Environmental Research Center, Ltd., a nonprofit corporation housed at Simon’s Rock. He has performed lake management studies in Massachusetts and New York and water pollution studies of rivers in Boston and the Hudson Valley. He is a member of the board of the Housatonic River Initiative Inc., an environmental group working toward restoration of the local river. Dr. Roeder is a professor in the Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Bard College, where he served as that program’s first director. He served as dean of faculty at Simon’s Rock from 2001–2003. (1977–2014)