Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Clubs, Activities, and Athletics

You won’t be bored — inside or outside the classroom. Join a club, or start one; enjoy a performance, or get on stage. Downtime is all about options for your active, well-rounded self to get moving and get involved.


Talk to a student about the activities they love most.

Bored is not an option

students and faculty in motorcycle clubYou’ll stay busy at Simon’s Rock. We offer a packed calendar of lecture and performance series, forums and conferences, visits from renowned artists and scholars, plus campus-wide social events like dances and open mics, talent shows, and trivia contests. We have a strong core of active student organizations — the literary journal, the jazz ensemble, the chamber orchestra, the multicultural students organization, the queer-straight alliance — and a long, changeable list of groups that depend on student interest and often grow into something big and important; the community organic garden is a recent example. Our Community Council brings together students, faculty, and staff to administer a budget, coordinate campus activities, and take a major role in deciding campus policy.

And athletics? We’re serious about athletics — but not in the usual way. We treat athletics and the conscious use of the body as an integral part of a sane, healthy life. We field competitive intercollegiate teams in soccer, basketball, and swimming, and the Kilpatrick Athletic Center hosts a wide array of classes.