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Eric Kramer

Professor Eric Kramer in the lab.

Professor of Physics


Fisher Science & Academic Center

Academic Program Affiliation(s)

Science, Mathematics, and Computing, Physics

Areas of Specialization

  • Computer simulation
  • Biophysics
  • Statistical mechanics


Research Interest: Current research applies biophysical and computer modeling techniques to animal and plant systems. Examples include the biomechanics of cat whiskers and hormone transport in plants.

Teaching Interest: Physics at all levels, relativity and cosmology, and climate change.


PhD, University of Chicago
BS with university honors, Carnegie-Mellon University 

Dr. Kramer has published more than 30 scientific papers, many with student coauthors, and received research grants from the NIH, NSF, and USDA. Before coming to Simon’s Rock, Dr. Kramer was a postdoctoral fellow at Brandeis University. He has served as a visiting scholar at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the University of Nottingham, UK. Dr. Kramer has been teaching at Simon's Rock since 1999.

additional Information

Dr. Kramer's Google scholar page maintains links to all his publications.