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5 Questions with David Segil '00


David Segil '00 David Segil ’00, is a Financial Advisor for Westpoint Financial Group. He lives with his wife, Heather, in Chicago.

Summarize your Simon’s Rock experience in 12 words or less.

The time, place and people who formed the bedrock of my worldview.

Your definition of the “new normal.”

Unfortunately, I am not sure anything is new. I feel like everyone is so desperate for “normal” that the opportunity to reconsider some of the base assumptions of our society is being squandered. I hope people are reevaluating work, labor, and the utility that they provide.

One item in your home you can’t be without.

My laptop. It’s where some of the most important things in my life live.

Travel in space or explore the ocean?

The ocean. Space will exist forever, our oceans will not.

Why do you give to Simon’s Rock?

Exceptional minds deserve access to exceptional institutions.