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5 Questions with Glenn Peacock '83

MARCH 2022

Glenn Peacock '83Glenn received his AA from Simon’s Rock and went on to attend the University of California Santa Cruz for his BA. He has worked for Stanford University for over 35 years and lives in Palomar Park, CA with his husband, Joel. They have one son, Raphael.

Summarize your Simon's Rock experience in 12 words or less.

A supportive space in which to learn and grow into myself. 

Who, in history, would you most like to meet?

Madonna. She’s fabulous and managed to keep herself relevant. She is irreverent and I really like irreverence.

When have you felt the most free to be yourself?

Certainly while I was at Simon’s Rock, but really I always feel I can be myself now. 

Who is your favorite musician of all time?

Tom Lehrer. He was a very interesting fellow and celebrated in the ’60s. He does comedic songs and was also a UC Santa Cruz professor in both Math and Theater.

Why do you give to Simon's Rock?

That’s an easy question. Simon’s Rock is awesome. I had a great experience and it was incredibly formative. Not perfect, but damn close. It was a special place and I have an emotional connection with the school.