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5 Questions with Maneesh Modi '94


Maneesh Modi '94Maneesh received his AA from Simon’s Rock in 1996. He earned a BS in Economics from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard. Living in Denver with his wife, Manasi, and two daughters, Isha and Avni, Maneesh is a portfolio manager at ArrowMark Partners.

Summarize your Simon’s Rock experience in 12 words or less.

I got to a baker’s dozen of 13: Learned to think, and developed confidence in myself, wonderfully supportive friends and faculty.

What is one piece of financial advice you wish you had known earlier in your life?

I wish I’d known sooner to be more comfortable taking risks and to have a more optimistic outlook. Things tend to work out, in the end.

What is your favorite meal of all time?

The first meal my wife and I had on our honeymoon in Sienna, Italy. We were really tired and went to this hole-in-the-wall restaurant. We ate great pasta and at the end of the meal, they brought us a bottle of grappa. We didn’t even ask for it. It was such a pleasant experience.

When did you realize the value of your education?

It was my first job out of college. I saw that I was able to see things differently, on a more fundamental level. I was able to do this in a way that not all of my peers could. I learned how to do this during my time at Simon’s Rock.

Why do you give to Simon’s Rock?

I give because of what Simon’s Rock meant to my development, both in terms of my ability to think academically, but also developing confidence in myself. I don’t think there are other places where faculty take such vested interest in the development of their students. Also, Duke and Harvard have enough money. I’d rather support Simon’s Rock.