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Alumni Refer a Student

Refer a Student! One of the biggest impacts Simon's Rock alumni, parents, and friends can have on the intellectual, creative, and fiscal vibrancy of the college is by helping us enroll smart, talented, enthusiastic students.

Simons rock student

What happens with these referrals is extraordinary. Students referred by you—the people who know the Simon’s Rock experience the best—complete applications, are admitted, and enroll at much higher rates than those students who come to us from any other source.

Your referrals powerfully impact the admission effort. Special bonus: There is a $1,000 scholarship for all alumni referrals accepted into the college!

Potential Rockers are all around you.

They could be the siblings or children of your friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, or friends of friends. They might also be talented young people you read about in the local paper or online; students you could contact to share information about Simon’s Rock. Hearing about your experience at Simon’s Rock and the difference it made in your life can be very compelling for both students and their parents.

When you have a student in mind, please go to the referral form, above.