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Meet Our Students

Students at bell tower

What do Rockers have in common? Well, for one thing, they’ve all made the extraordinary choice to be here.

And that’s no small thing, actually. It’s a courageous decision that represents a willingness to take risks, and to do things a little differently than most of their peers. Rockers are full participants in their own learning, and that takes an open and willing mind, a driving curiosity, and a lot of creative flexibility. It’s a responsibility our self-directed students take seriously.

Rockers want to do more than ace the test; they want to test their ideas in the world, and tackle real problems in need of innovative solutions.

A typical Simon's Rock student? Atypical.

-Jan '13

Our students bring with them a diversity of languages, experiences, backgrounds, and beliefs, as well as interests, skills, and talents. They value being part of the Rocker community where peers and mentors respect and learn from each other’s differences. Our students? They’re Rockers, all the way.


Ishmael portrait

“An Experience I Wouldn’t Exchange For Anything”

Ishmael Asante
Marissa portrait

“Heading Abroad on a Fulbright. I’m Only 19, but I’m Ready.”

Marisa Benitez
Political Science and French/Francophone Studies
Colin portrait

“Deep Gratitude: They’re Doing This For Us…”

Colin Eubank
Political Studies
Ishan portrait

“Mathematical Proofs Over Breakfast…”

Ishan Guru
Sam portrait

“A Well-Rounded Person Makes a Better Doctor.”

Sam Yarmis
Biology and Pre-med
Student Moamer Alsaedi

“Our community is an accepting and loving one.”

Moamer Alsaedi
Organizer of Campus Pride Week
Maria portrait

“When I was three, I knew I wanted to help heal people.”

Maria Presti
Mo with computer

“I Discovered Myself and My Passion for Food Justice Here”

Mo Constantine
Food Studies: Social & Environmental Justice
Andre portrait

Beyond All Expectation

André Santana